First weeks at La Trobe

Kaytlyn: 'Education – it's kind of a big deal.'

'In my family I'm the first person ever to go to university. So it's not just a big thing for me, but for them too. Even though I'm a second year this year the whole university thing is still quite new to me.'

'I didn't begin my degree at Bendigo Campus. I started my studies on the Mildura Campus – quite a small campus in a regional part of Victoria and if I can say so myself, it was pretty awesome.'

Laura: 'A cautionary tale for newbies'

'So, couple of rules. One, do not feed the ducks unless you always want a crowd of them around you.'

'Also, familiarise yourself with the doors and the entries and exits to the major venues, like the Library. You do not want to be the first year that face plats straight into the glass door.'

Daniel: 'Inside a Bachelor of Bioscience'

'I'm 22 years old, and I'm majoring in the medical and veterinary microbiology stream as part of my science degree. This involves mostly me looking at things such as viruses, other microorganisms including bacteria and fungi, looking at how these things grow and interact in the environment, and probably most importantly how they then go on to infect humans and animals and plants and so on, and cause disease and illness.'

Rose: 'Study abroad – like me!'

'I'll be off to Glasgow Caledonian University in late July, and that one's in Scotland and I'll be there for a full academic year.'

'So I'll get to do two semesters over there so I'm really excited to receive that news, but I'm also a little bit scared and daunted but I'm sure it will be a great experience.'