Livio Sikora

Livio Sikora

Hey, my name is Livio, some like to call me Liv, Livi or the occasional Liviosa!

Originally from Croatia, I moved to Australia when I was young.  I came to Uni straight after high school and I found the transition to be a lot easier than I expected.

This is my last year studying biomedical science, but the dream is to be a sports physiotherapist and travel the world with professional athletes – so I still have a few years of study ahead of me.

Biomedical science has given me a HUGE insight into medicine and the mechanisms of the human body.  I recommend this course to everyone because it‘s interesting as well as well as challenging.

In my time at La Trobe, I’ve learnt if you take your time without shortcuts and pay attention in class you will be an A grade student.

The same goes for my other commitments.  I give 110% in everything that I tackle -I’m sport mad, I’m athletic.....but more importantly I am a dreamer.

My dream is to finish Uni, find a career that will be rewarding and challenging.  One day I would like to climb Mt Everest.  I really want to see the world and do alot of travel with my chosen career path.

“Stay tuned and follow my journey through uni @latrobe student blogs".

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