Jackson Renton

Jackson Renton

@latrobe student blogger

Hi my name is Jackson and I am currently in my fifth and final year of a Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Bachelor of Business at La Trobe University in Bendigo!

Once I finished high school I moved out of home and lived on campus for two years, and this is where I set myself up for the rest of my time here.

Since moving to Bendigo to go to uni there have been so many opportunities for me to get involved. I’ve taken part in leadership programs, mentor programs; I’ve become a student ambassador and had opportunities undertaking internships in the engineering field.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at La Trobe thanks to all the great people I have met. My future goals include travel, further study, and finding a challenging and rewarding career. My time spent at La Trobe has helped to inspire me and given me the tools I need to achieve these goals. 

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