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Dr Rodrigo

Dr Rodrigo Rico Bini

Lecturer, Exercise Science

College of Science, Health and Engineering

La Trobe Rural Health School

Department of Community and Allied Health

HHS1 2.19, Bendigo


PhD (AUT-NZ), MSci (UFRGS-Brazil), BPhEdu (UFRGS-Brazil)



Area of study

Exercise science

Brief profile

I have bachelor in Physical Education from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Brazil, where I also conducted my masters studies in Human Movement Sciences. My professional work was on strength conditioning and performance assessment of cyclists. My last working place was at CiaVital on strength training and at UFRGS as research officer on exercise biomechanics. During my masters thesis, my focus was on the effects of fatigue on joint moments and coordinative pattern during cycling. My studies were supported by CNPq (National council for technological and scientific development) and I had Dr Carlos Bolli Mota as my main supervisor.

I completed my PhD at AUT University in New Zealand (AUT) under the supervision of Prof. Patria Hume. My thesis focused on body position on the bicycle and methods to assess cycling kinetics and kinematics (

After finishing a PosDoc research fellowship at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul ( doing research on cycling biomechanics, I started working as a Lecturer at the School of Physical Education of the Army ( At the moment, I am a Lecturer at La Trobe Rural Health School (Bendigo Campus -, where I also co-ordinate the Bachelor of Exercise Science (HBES and HBESB). I also hold Honorary positions at AUT University ( and at the Universidade Estadual de Londrina ( where I collaborate on research projects.

I am also an Associate Editor at the Journal of Science and Cycling and a member of the editorial board of the Sports Biomechanics journal, the European Journal of Sport Science, the Human Movement journal and the Journal of Sports Sciences.

My main research interested are on Sports Biomechanics and the application of muscle mechanics principles in sports actions, with special attention to cycling and running.

Teaching units

EXS2ESB - Exercise and Sports Biomechanics

EDU3SBM - Sports Biomechanics

EXS3AEB - Advanced Exercise Biomechanics

HLT2IEP - Integrating Evidence into Practice

Recent publications


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Research projects

  • Reliability of ultrasound to assess changes in cartilage thickness from exercise (Year 4 - Research project for students at the Master of Exercise Physiology)
  • Relationship between hip angle during jump and optimal hip angle during sprint cycling (with A/P Michael Kingsley and Mr. Luke Daly)
  • Biomechanical and muscle-tendon asymmetries - the missing puzzle in tendon injury prevention? (with Prof. Toni Arnt and PhD student Tiago Jacques - funded by Cnpq and The Swedish Research Council for Sport Science)
  • Lower limb loading during simulated postal delivery using bikes (with A/P Michael Kingsley and Dr. Daniel Wundersitz - funded by RFA- La Trobe and Australia Post)
  • Reproducibility of 3D joint motion and 3D joint kinetics during stationary cycling (with Prof. Patria Hume - funded by AUT/Sprinz)