Dr Kaye N.

Dr Kaye N. Truscott

Senior Lecturer

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Molecular Sciences

Department of Biochemistry and Genetics

Room 418, LIMS1, Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science


BSc, DipEd, PhD (La Trobe University)



Membership of professional associations

Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Area of study

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Brief profile

For her doctorate, Kaye studied molecular chaperone assisted protein folding in thermophilic bacteria under the supervision of Prof. Robert Scopes. In 1999, shortly after obtaining her PhD, she was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship to examine the protein import machinery in mitochondria of yeast and was hosted by Prof. Nikolaus Pfanner (Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Freiburg, Germany). In 2001 Kaye was promoted to group leader within the Pfanner lab where she continued her studies on the molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial protein translocation. In 2004 she was awarded a QEII Fellowship by the Australian Research Council to study protein degradation by AAA+ proteases in bacteria and mitochondria. In 2009 Kaye was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to extend her research in the area of mitochondrial protein homeostasis focusing on the role of AAA+ proteases in protein quality control and the mitochondrial unfolded protein response. Kaye is currently a Senior Lecturer and is examining mitochondrial protein biogenesis pathways and protein homeostasis networks in relation to human health and disease. 

Research interests

Mitochondria biogenesis and disease

- Respiratory complex II assembly, Mitochondrial processing & quality control proteases

Neurodegenerative diseases

- Neurodegenerative diseases associated with mitochondrial protein dysfunction

Teaching units

BCH3BSB - Proteostasis

BIO5PRC - Practical Biotechnology (Subject & practical co-ordinator) 

Recent publications

Alhuwaider AAH, Truscott KN and Dougan DA (2018) Pupylation of PafA or Pup inhibits components of the Pup Proteasome System, FEBS Lett., 592(1): 15-23.

Tan JL, Ward L, Truscott KN and Dougan DA (2016) The N-end rule adaptor protein ClpS from Plasmodium falciparum exhibits broad substrate specificity, FEBS Lett., 590: 3397-406.

Bezawork-Geleta A, Brodie EJ, Dougan DA and Truscott KN (2015) LON is the master protease that protects against protein aggregation in human mitochondria through direct degradation of misfolded proteins, Sci Rep., 5:17397, doi:10.1038/srep17397.

Micevski D, Zammit JE, Truscott KN and Dougan DA (2015) Anti-adaptors use distinct modes of binding to inhibit the RssB-dependent turnover of RpoS (σ(S)) by ClpXP, Front Mol Biosci., doi: 10.3389/fmolb.2015.00015.

Bezawork-Geleta A, Saiyed T, Dougan DA and Truscott KN (2014) Mitochondrial matrix proteostasis is linked to hereditary paraganglioma: LON-mediated turnover of the human flavinylation factor SDH5 is regulated by its interaction with SDHA, FASEB J., 28(4): 1794-804.

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