School and group programs

Active Kids Group Outdoor

The La Trobe University Sports Centre offers a diverse range of programs which can be tailored to suit a schoolā€™s individual curriculum needs.

With our extensive range of facilities, we are able to offer both wet and dry programs, in either indoor or outdoor settings. Some popular activities include:

  • Water safety and survival program ā€“ an aquatic education program that provides students with water awareness, survival, rescue and swimming tuition.
  • Activity day - to start or end the academic year. This includes a full day, or half day, of fun and adventure in a controlled environment and can accommodate any number of students. The activities can be a combination of aquatic and/or dry activities which are modified to suit the abilities of the students.
  • Tennis, basketball, squash, table-tennis, soccer - tailored to introduce students to the basics of a sport.
  • Group exercise classes ā€“ including Pilates, Zumba, Boxing and many more.
  • Supervised gymnasium sessions.
  • Outdoor education - we can provide students with the basic skills required to participate in the adventure activities of rock climbing and kayaking.
  • School swimming carnival.
  • Sports day.
  • Bronze Medallion Update for Teachers.

Further information

For further information or to make a booking, please email the Programs Manager or phone the Sports Centre on (03) 9479 2973.