Our fully equipped gym caters for all types of people and levels of fitness, we have:

  • A large selection of cardiovascular equipment
  • Extensive range of free weights, including dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, slam balls, medicine balls, power bags, battle ropes, Olympic weightlifting platforms
  • Pin loaded machine weights
  • Lots of available floor space

Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments are incorporated into all Foundation, Essentials and Platinum memberships, they include:

  • A one-on-one pre-exercise screening assessment, where our instructors will help you develop a personalised health plan that is in line with your goals and what you want to achieve
  • A body composition analysis, where our instructors will take your height, weight, girth measurements and skinfolds (optional)
  • Strength testing - depending on your goals, this will allow you to reflect on your achievements six to eight weeks post-assessment
  • Sub-maximal and maximal aerobic fitness testing - depending on your goals, this is an excellent way to see your baseline measurements and keep track of your improvements
  • Personalised Program

    Personalised programming is included in all Foundation, Essentials and Platinum memberships, this includes:

    • A tailored program specifically designed to help reach your goals from information collected in your Fitness Assessment
    • An additional session where our instructors take you through your program to ensure it is aligned with your health and fitness goals, you're performing all exercises correctly and safely, and confirm you enjoy it