Group exercise

Need a fun and social way to get back into fitness? Come try one of our Group Exercises classes. La Trobe Sport Centre offers classes to suit everyone ranging from Yoga and Pilates to Strength and High Intensity classes.

2020 Rates

PassPublicLTU communityLTU student
Per Visit$13.50$11.50$10.20
12-visit Pass*$135.00$115.00$102.00

For a list of our Membership Options which include Group Exercise Classes, please visit our Memberships Page

2021 Group Fitness Timetable TBC

New to Group Exercise

If you are new to Group Exercise, please remember to:

  • Bring a sweat towel and water bottle.
  • Wear Runners (excluding Yoga and Pilates) & appropriate training gear.
  • Hand your Group Exercise entry card to the instructor when entering the room.
  • Inform the instructor of any injuries, illnesses or pregnancy that may affect your participation in the class so the instructor can offer alternatives that are safe for you.
  • Work hard and leave feeling great!

Class Descriptions

Interested in participating in our Group Exercise Program? You can find a short list of class descriptions below.

If you need more information, please feel free to give the Sport Centre Reception a call on 03 9479 2973

Body Attack

A sports-inspired cardio workout!  A high-energy interval training class combining athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises.

Body Pump

Uses barbells and weights to tone and condition muscles while raising metabolic rate for rapid fat-burning. Will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body!


A high energy circuit class designed to condition and develop strength, flexibility and tone. This dynamic class is suitable for all fitness levels and is guaranteed to bring out your inner athlete!


Metafit combines traditional body weight exercises with the latest in interval style training and tabata techniques to set your metabolism on fire! Get ready to use our whole body and work hard in this 30 minute class.

Mat Pilates

A method of conditioning, that aims to achieve overall symmetry and balance within the body. These classes are based on Joseph Pilates' well-renowned principles of stretching and stability, while also improving flexibility, posture and core stretch. Encompassing the Pilates principles of Breathing, Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision and Flowing movement, these classes are suitable for all fitness levels and leave your body feeling streamlined, strengthened and stretched like never before.


Re-energise & centre yourself whilst increasing strength & flexibility during this strong & powerful flow blend of yoga traditions.

Kath's classes concentrate on the classical Yoga poses, which stretch you physically and mentally, without fear of being pushed beyond your present limitations. Her style is Hatha with a lean to Vinyasa, and focuses on not only teaching you the physical postures but also pranayma which is about the control of the breathing, and meditation which calms the mind.

Deb's classes are taught through a general Hatha Yoga, drawing on the alignment principals of the lyegar style and some flowing movement sequences from Vinyasa Power style. Practising breath awareness to settle the mind throughout the class.

Come and join our friendly instructors and let them take you on a journey of mindfulness and serenity.


A fusion of hypnotic latin rhythms & simple dance moves will ensure you have fun whilst burning calories! No dance experience necessary.