Personal training

Personal training is available to all our students, staff members and our wider community.

Our trainers are all highly qualified in fields of strength and conditioning, sports-specific training, functional training and can cater your sessions to all fitness levels. Let our trainers get you back on track for all of your health and fitness goals. Shorter session times are available to fit into your busy schedule.

Outdoor personal training options
Training optionsTotal costCost per session
3 sessions introductory offer (One time only)$135.00$45.00 per session
1 x Personal Training Session$59.00 
5 x Personal Training Pack$275.00$55.00 per session
10 x Personal Training Pack$499.00$49.90 per session
Group Session: 2 to 1$79.00Bring a friend, train hard and get the best value for money.
Virtual personal training options
Training optionsTotal cost
3 session introductory offer$80.00
1 x personal training session$40.00
5 x personal training pack$175.00 ($35.00 per session)
10 x personal training pack$300.00 ($30.00 per session)
4 week - programIncluded

  • This is included as a part of your personal training packs.
  • We complete a fitness assessment prior to all sessions to ensure your training sessions are in line with your goals and what you'd like to achieve.

  • This is included as a part of your personal training packs.
  • We encourage you to come along to the gym outside of your sessions to make the most of your personalised training program developed by your trainer.

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