Yoga and mediation classes

We offer over eight different types of Mind and Body classes, making the Zen Den the perfect safe place to help you switch off, reset your mind and improve productivity throughout your day.

Learn to be more mindful as you enjoy a guided meditation with a focus on bringing your awareness into the present moment, setting your mood for the rest of your day.

A Barre class with a twist, this class incorporates traditional ballet moves with a mix of pilates and boxing. Designed to improve your balance, full-body strength and get your heart pumping. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Create length and space in the body with prolonged stretching and the assistance of props. A restorative practice that will help relieve physical and mental tension.

This medium to high-intensity class will help link your body and mind through your breathing as you take on various poses. This practice will help with mental and physical discipline as you move through postures, focusing on alignment and awareness of breath.

A slower-paced movement class focused on correct posture and breathing techniques. Move consciously through poses while maintaining strength and flexibility of the mind and body.

New to our Zen Den

If you are new to our Zen Den, please remember to:

  • bring a sweat towel and water bottle
  • wear appropriate training gear
  • introduce yourself to the instructor when entering the room
  • inform the instructor of any injuries, illnesses or pregnancy that may affect your participation in the class so the instructor can offer alternatives that are safe for you
  • work hard and leave feeling great.