Reformer pilates classes

Our Core Cave classes provide you with fun and exciting challenges while activating muscles you never knew existed.

We recommend trying our beginner Pilates Reformer class for your first class. Once you feel confident with the Reformer, you can start coming to the open classes.

A dynamic fitness-based Pilates Reformer class designed to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Be prepared to work your full body, with an emphasis on alignment, posture and technique.

This dynamic class offers our members a series of challenging movements, flowing into more traditional Pilates movements and that focus on stretching and dynamic flow.

This class is designed for those who like to work at a slower pace with control and precision. It’s perfect for those new to Reformer Pilates, getting the endorphins flowing but with more detailed instruction and easier to follow along with for novice members.

This full-body Reformer Pilates class will provide you with movements to develop strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Identifying better movement patterns in your own body to keep your joints and tissue healthy.

New to our Core Cave

If you are new to our Core Cave, please remember to:

  • bring a sweat towel and water bottle
  • wear appropriate training gear
  • ensure you introduce yourself to the instructor when entering the room
  • inform the instructor of any injuries, illnesses or pregnancy that may affect your participation in the class so the instructor can offer alternatives that are safe for you
  • work hard and leave feeling great.