Strength and Conditioning Lab

Our Strength and Conditioning Lab is a world-class high-performance training and testing facility

The lab is home to:

  • eight lifting platforms
  • two instrumented racks with force platforms and elite form 3D camera technology
  • several portable force plates
  • a 40m running track that leads directly into the Biomechanics Lab.

Check out our series of strength and conditioning packages specifically designed by our world-renowned sport and exercise science experts to help take your sport performance to the next level.

Strength assessments are critical in identifying both strengths and weaknesses of athletes. In this assessment, maximum strength is determined through a repetition maximum (RM) protocol (1-5 RM), which is considered the ‘gold-standard’ within non-laboratory environments. Alternatively (or in addition to RM testing), maximum strength (and associated variables of interest) can be assessed through an isometric mid-thigh pull test using force plates for more detailed profiling. A strength testing report will summarise testing results.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: 1 Athlete per test

Cost: $250 per athlete

Package Designed by: Lachlan James/Mitch Greaves/Georgia Couvalias

An incremental exercise test is considered the ‘gold-standard’ measure of cardiorespiratory fitness (i.e., VO2max). The endurance testing package provides an accurate indication of an individual’s aerobic fitness level by continuously collecting expired gas samples as they breathe through a mouthpiece during exercise. This test also involves finger prick blood samples and measurement of heart rate to establish power (or speed) and heart rate training zones. A report detailing blood lactate profile, VO2max, and heart rate training zones will be provided to summarise test results.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: 1 athlete per test

Cost: $240 per athlete

Package Designed by: Andrew Govous/Mitch Greaves/Georgia Couvalias

Isokinetic testing is a lab-based method for assessing strengths and weaknesses at any joint, during any action. This assessment utilises the Biodex isokinetic dynamometer to measure the torque generated by isolated muscle groups (e.g., during elbow flexion/extension, knee flexion/extension). Analyses of length-tension, force-velocity, muscle symmetry and muscle imbalance can all be conducted - this is very much dependent on individual athlete requirements.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 2 hours

Participant: 1 Athlete per test

Cost: $210 per athlete

Package Designed by: Karen Mickle/Kane Middleton/ Ben Mentiplay

An anthropometric profile provides a good indication of an individual’s body composition. Measurements taken during this assessment include height, body mass, body mass index (BMI), body circumferences (waist, hip, and limbs), and skinfold thickness (to estimate body fat percentage and fat-free mass). In combination with one another, these measures make up a full anthropometric profile that can serve as an important aid in training prescription and general athlete monitoring. An anthropometric profile report will be provided to summarise test results.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 1 hour

Participant: 1 athlete per test

Cost: $100

Package Designed by: Brooke Devlin

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