La Trobe Sport Labs

The Sport Lab is a high-performance athlete, research and community sport development hub located at the La Trobe Sports Park. Housed in the La Trobe Sport Stadium, the state-of-the-art Sport & Exercise Science facilities are home to a comprehensive suite of sport performance and education offerings.

Biomechanics Lab

The La Trobe Biomechanics Lab houses the business end of a 50 metre running track with two in-ground force plates for running gait analysis. An additional four in-ground force plates are located in a general-purpose space, and a specially designed kicking area which opens directly out onto our FIFA accredited pitch. Alongside the numerous force plates, two sets of VICON 3-D motion capture cameras are used for kinematic and kinetic analysis of actions ranging from walking and running, through to jumping and kicking.

Strength & Conditioning Lab

The La Trobe Strength and Conditioning Lab is a world-class high-performance training and testing facility that is home to eight lifting platforms, two instrumented racks with force platforms and elite form 3D camera technology, several portable force plates, and a 50 metre running track that leads directly into the Biomechanics Lab.

Exercise Physiology Research Lab

Primarily devoted to research, this lab is fitted out with exercise testing apparatus’ as required. You may see any number of the 11 ParvoMedics Metabolic Carts on hand, or a suite of treadmill, bicycle and rowing ergometers. Here, research reigns supreme. The research lab is also home to a small biochemistry/blood analysis area, and the La Trobe Environmental chamber. The environmental chamber can simulate both heat and altitude and is used by athletes for acclimatisation to either, or both, of these conditions.