Our portfolio uses research, practice, mentoring, teaching, professional development and advisory support to contribute to positive social change processes.

We bring a particular view of the world to our research and practice work. The views presented in our research varies depending on the researchers involved, however there are core values that are shared across the Institute. We seek to reflect these values in our work but are continually learning and reflecting ourselves about how best to do so.  Our shared values are:

  • A recognition the political nature of development and of our work.
  • A partnership approach underpinning research design and management.
  • A commitment to participatory, strengths-based methods that embrace the complexity of practice.
  • An understanding of research as a developmental process itself.

Current research projects

Papua New Guinea and Australia Governance Partnership

Developing a ‘Knowledge Platform’ with the aid of KAL

Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) phase 3

Exploring how leadership, power and political processes drive or block successful development.

Australia-Pacific Training Coalition (APTC)

Acting as an Associate to the third stage of the Australia-Pacific Training Coalition (APTC).

Land Councils

Working with both the northern and central land councils to assist Aboriginal members of the community.

Aboriginal Governance and Management Program

Providing monitoring, learning and evaluation program framework to NGOs

Solomon Islands project

Providing monitoring, evaluation and learning support to two DFAT programs.

Northern Land Council

Northern Land Council

Institute Co-Director Linda Kelly has an ongoing relationship with the Northern Land Council