2016 Developmental Leadership Program Annual Conference

The 2016 Developmental Leadership Program Annual Conference will be held at La Trobe University on Monday, 8 February 2016.

'Power, Politics and Positive Deviance'

'Deviant' has often been used as a term of abuse, intended to shame and marginalise those who depart from 'usual or accepted standards' (Oxford English Dictionary).

There is a growing recognition across diverse fields, from medicine to international development, that it can be valuable to examine and understand 'positive deviance' – uncommon but successful strategies.

This conference will celebrate positive deviance that incorporates power and politics into social change processes. 'Traditional' development agency work has long struggled with this.

The focus of the conference will be on positive cases that show how an understanding of power and politics has been successfully incorporated into social change processes. We will explore the degree to which external development agencies and influences have, or indeed have not, contributed to these processes.

We seek to explore this from diverse perspectives. We have invited speakers who will share examples from the Pacific region and from Indigenous Australia. Presentations will focus on women's leadership and collective action, gay rights, peace processes and private sector reform.

Building on the Developmental Leadership Program's research, the conference will assess the degree to which these cases show how developmental change happens in practice; the role of power and politics in that process; and how development agencies might change their policies and practices to best support this.

Confirmed speakers include:

Details of other speakers and registration details will be available shortly. In the meantime put 8 February 2016 in your diary!