Current research students

Recent MA and PhD completions

Julie Andrews‘Where's All the Community? Kinship, Mobility and Identity Revisited in Aboriginal Melbourne’PhD
Timothy Andrews'Everyday Life at the Crossroads of Modernity: Intersections in the thought of Henri Lefebvre, Cornelius Castoriadis and Agnes Heller'PhD
Alexia Cameron 'Capitalizing on the Moment: The Economics of Affect in "Hip" Melbourne Cafes and Bars'PhD
Elisabeth Betz‘Defining Identity in the Diaspora: Tongan Hip-hop Culture’PhD
Fang Cao 'Elderly care, Family Relations and Social Change in a Chinese Village, 1949-2015'PhD
Bencharat Sae Chua'Redefining Citizen Rights: The Community Forest Movement in Thailand and Strategic Rights Claims'PhD
Manoch Chummuangpak'Media Practices, Displacement and Transnationalism: Media of and by Karen Refugees from Burma'PhD
Lana Chung‘Negotiating the Australian Nation: Young Australians' Everyday Experiences of National Identity and Belonging’PhD
Tracy De Cotta'Understanding the Life of Public Space in the Global South: The Case of Sri Lanka'PhD
Gary Devilles'City Sense An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sensing Manila'PhD
Scott Doidge'The Anxiety of Ascent: Middle Class Narratives in Germany and America'PhD
Ramon Menendez Domingo 'The Social Meanings of Authenticity: An Empirical Study of University Students'PhD
Shashini Kurupanawa Gamage'Women Watching Sri Lankan Mega Teledramas: An Ethnographic Television Study in Colombo and MelbournePhD
Andrew Gilbert'The Crisis Paradigm : the concept of "crisis" and its limits in Lukacs, Koselleck, Arendt and Habermas'PhD
Ashley Greenwood‘Silence and Speech: Asháninka Identities after Violence’PhD
Medha Gunawardhana 'Community Adaptive Responses for External Environmental Changes in Sri Lanka'PhD
Matthew Hart‘On the Edges of Intimacy and Sociality: Young People's NSFW Tumblr Selfies’PhD
Mashitah Hamidi'Transnational Labour Migration: Indonesian Female Factory Workers’ Experiences in Malaysia'PhD
Paula Hernandez‘Looking Within: The Experiences of Somali Women Living in Melbourne During Pregnancy and Childbirth’PhD
Carolina Hernandez'Stories from the Closet: Gender Relations and Gender Identity of Trans Women in Bogota, Columbia'PhDPhD
Rachel Loney-Howes'Being Heard, Being Seen, Being Believed: The Politics of Recognition in Online Anti-rape Activism'PhD
Mark Mallman‘Working-Class and Mature-Age Students Negotiating University Culture in Australia’PhD
James McLean'Assembling the Urban Night: Everynight Life in Melbourne and Singapore'MA
Wilasinee Panankhonsab'Cross-cultural Relationships and Cyberspace: The Work of Thai Women’s Imagination in Intermarriage Online Dating Sites'PhD
Alex Pavlotski‘Visualising Parkour’PhD
Mark Scillio‘Making Career Stories: Navigating Work, Life and a Sense of Security’PhD
Suripto SuriptoGoverning Tuberculosis through Partnership ("Kemitraan") in Java, Indonesia: Governmentality, Discretion, and Effects PhD
Thanh  Vu Thi'Marital Experiences of Young Married Couples in Vietnam' 
Melinda Turner 'Harry Potter: The Story of Our Times? A Study of the Question of Meaning in Secular Modernity' PhD
Marie Villaceran'Seeking Love in a Strange Land: The Lives of Filipina Marriage/Partner Migrants in Cross-Cultural Relationships in Australia'PhD
Naduni Wickramaarachichi 'Building Social Capital in Australian Countrysides: Immigrants' Experiences in Building Social Capital in Regional Parts of Victoria'PhD
Amy Wilson‘Practically Perfect in Every Way? Australian Experiences and practices of Nanny Care and Family Day Care’PhD

Current postgraduate students

Name Topic
David Adjartey 'The Effects of Community Resettlement on Socio-Cultural Behaviour: The Case of Bui Dam Resettlement Project in Ghana'
Obed Adonteng-Kissi 'Assessment of Parents' Level of Knowledge on Children's Rights: The Case of Suhum in Ghana'
Bree Ahrens‘Domestic Workers Organisations in Indonesia’
Leila Alkassab 'The Political Ecology of Environmental Degradation and the Global reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (RDD+) Programme'
James Annand 'Social organisation, Kinship, and Native Title in Aboriginal Victoria'
Akuch Anyieth'Family Violence Against the Men of South Sudanese Communities'
Karpo (Carlley) Au 'Shadow Education Within the Australian Society'
Fauster Awepuga‘Peri-urbanisation and the Dynamics in Livelihood Transformations in Ghana’
Adrienne Brodie'Seeking Safe Refuge: Negotiating housing precarity in the face of Environmental Sensitivities'
Joanne Byrne 'The Subcultural Use of Digital Social Spaces'
Raymond Cadmore'What Role has Migrant Entrepreneurship Played in the Social and Economic Development of Northern Victoria?'
Cecil Camilleri'Mental Health Literacy, Woundedness and Spiritual Wellbeing: Human-Centered Narratives Informing Personal Recovery and Leadership in the Mental Health and Substance Use Sectors'
Gonzalo Carrasco'The Evolution of the Chant: Protest Art and the Chilean New Song'
Alonso Casanueva Baptista 'Castoriadis and Society: Developing an Ethical Thought from Autonomy and Creation'
Lloyd Changaira'Help Seeking and Healthcare System Utilisation amongst African Migrants in Victoria, Australia'
Elizabeth Chapman 'Cultivating Community: A Case Study of Community Food Gardens'
Rebecca Clark 'Belonging to the Future, Creating Community'
Kate Clarke'Can Planning Address the Growing Housing Insecurity of Older Women in Victoria?'
Dino Concepcion‘Prescribing Ideologies, Recovering Identities: The Social Construction of Health among Call Centre Employees’
Matthew Conrad 'Cross-Cultural Healing in the Peruvian Amazon: The Effects of Ayahuasca Tourism upon the Well-Being of the Shipibo'
Aidan Craney'Youth Livelihood and Development in Pacific Islands'
Stephen Cuttriss'Tango "Unofficial": Tango in the 21st Century'
Clare Brealey‘An Investigation into Dog Breed Politics in Contemporary Australia’
Kirsty Forsdike'"It Keeps Me Sane": An Ethnographic Study of a Women's Field Hockey Club through the Lens of Social Capital'
Declan Franke 'Fear and Loathing in Washington D.C.: Reagan, Nicaragua, and the Emotional Disposition of U.S. Policy'
John Gannon 'On "Being" a Late Modern Psychiatric Nurse: An Autoethnography'.
Kuol Garang'Mitigating Ethnic Conflict In South Sudan Through Implementing Rural Development Strategies'
Abay Gebrekidan 'Identity and Belonging: A Case Study of the Horn of African Background Youth in Melbourne, Australia' 
Brigette Glossop 'Youth, Technology, Incivility: E-bullying in Australian Schools'
Natasha Graham 'The (Mis)measure of Prisoners Children: Problematic Conceptions within Discourses about Intergenerational Transmission of Criminality'
Timothy Hamilton 'Settler Nationalism and Historical Narratives of the Nation'
Lisa Hatfield 'Sustainability and Productivity: The Politics of Nature in Urban Australia'
Johanna Higgs'Transitions from Childhood: Child Combatants of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaries (FARC)'
Myint Hlaing'Livelihood Vulnerability Assessment and Enhancing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change Impacts; A Case Study in Delta Region, Myanmar'
Stephanie Houghton‘Relationships and Representation: Exploring how Two Community Organisations in Ghana Engage Volunteers within Development'
Janelle Johnstone'The Art to Social Change in the Pilbara: An Analysis of Arts Based Family Violence Prevention Programs in Roebourne, Western Australia'
Melissa Kennedy 'Mapping Community Economies through Change Agents and International Movements in the Rural Creative Economy'
Bahar Manouchehri 'Child-Friendly Cities Indicators in Developing Countries: Definition of New Indicators with Emphasis on Participation of Children'
Bernardo López Marin'The Significance of Trans-migratory Journeys and their Meaning for Migrants in Transit through Violent Territories within Mexico and Central Africa: Feelings and Sentiments that Transform the Human Condition and its Nature in Form and Shape'
Sidrah McCarthy 'Concepts of "Culture" amongst Victorian Aboriginal Communities'
Samiro Mohamud 'Somali International Students and Mobility'
Clare Morel 'Race, Culture and Enduring Attraction: An Anthropological Perspective on Past and Present Relationships Between Aboriginal Women and Men of European Descent'
Sukamon Mungpattanasunthon 'Thai Males' Responsibility in a Family Role'
James Nakis 'The Role of the Victim-Witness in International Criminal Tribunals. Case Study: Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), Case 002'
Amy Neve 'Becoming Young Men: Hazara (Former) Unaccompanied Minors Transitioning into Adulthood in Australia'.
Sharon O'Mara'Sexual Assault and the Rhetoric of Law'
Michelle O’Toole'Embracing Māori Language, Art, and Culture in Aotearoa New Zealand'
Catherine Papadopoullos 'The Rituals of Sadomasochism and Identity'
Sophia Pearce‘Indigenous Australians Culture and Heritage: A Barkandji way of knowing’
Julian Potter 'Spirit of Decline'
Patrick Scolyer-Gray 'Interpreting "Artistic Works of Fiction and Falsehood": A Sociological Analysis of the Production and Consumption of Knowledge on 4chan'
Justin Charles See'Assessing the Distributive and Procedural Justice of Climate Change Adaptation Programmes: The Case of Iloilo City, Philippines'
Michael Seddon 'The Inter-Cultural and Healing Dimensions of Ayahuasca in Peru'
Fatemeh Shahani 'The Role of Social Inclusion in Green-Open Spaces of Australia: A Case Study of Merging Islamic-Persian Design Principles in Melbourne Metropolitan Planning for Development Parks'
Natalie Sheard‘Translating Law into Practice: A Study of Rape Law Reform in Victoria’
Suzanne Shearer 'Maintaining Village Identity in the Suburbs: The Place of Myth and Ritual in Cultural Identity'
Kyle Slade 'Communities, Crisis and Ontological Security'
Leah Slattery 'Exploring Processes of Racialisation in the Victorian, Australian Criminal Justice System'
Jon Stokes 'A Study in Workplace Injuries/Deaths and the Neo-Liberal State: NSW 1983-2011'
Magdalena Szypielewicz'Hipster Urbanism: Hipsters and their Impact on Gentrification in Melbourne, Australia'
Hamaira Tabassum 'Development and Management of Housing Estates. A Case Study of Lahore, Pakistan'
Shawnee Tremayne 'The Redemptive Journey: Finding Our Way to Individualism, Integration, and Balance in Modern Western Life Paths'
Nguyen Truong-Young 'Ho Chi Minh City – a Motorcycle City: Seeking Solutions from a Comparative Study with Several South and Southeast Asian Cities'
Jane Urquhart'Cultural Fire Ecology in Indigenous Protected Areas: Experiences of Traditional Owners as Natural Resource/Conservation Managers'
Ann Van Ryn‘A Noetic Unity’
Andrew Whaley‘A Socio-Cultural Study of Service Provision for Illicit Drug Users’
Matthew Willis'Water Security in the Murray-Darling Basin'
Shane Worrrell‘Facebook Timelines and Time-honoured Traditions: Exploring Expressions of Cultural Identity among Karen Living in Bendigo, Australia’
Graham Young'Metamodernism and Narrative'
Maryanne Xuereb 'The Social Capital of Evangelization: Fostering Social Capital within Evangelical Catholic Communities in Melbourne'