Current research students

Recent MA and PhD completions

David Adjartey (2019)'The Effects of Community Resettlement on Socio-Cultural Behaviour: The Case of Bui Dam Resettlement Project in Ghana'PhD
Obed Adonteng-Kissi (2019)'Assessment of Parents' Level of Knowledge on Children's Rights: The Case of Suhum in Ghana'PhD
Leila Alkassab (2019)'The Political Ecology of Environmental Degradation and the Global reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (RDD+) Programme'PhD
Tim Andrews (2017)'Everyday Life at the Crossroads of Modernity: Intersections in the thought of Henri Lefebvre, Cornelius Castoriadis and Agnes Heller'PhD
Akuch Anyieth (2020)‘Masculinity and the Negotiation of Domestic Violence in Melbourne's South Sudanese-Australian community’MA
Alexia Cameron (2017)'Capitalising on the Moment: The Economics of Affect in 'Hip' Melbourne Caf's and Bars'PhD
Stephen Cuttriss (2020)‘Music at the Peripheries: Tango Siglo XXI and the Revival of the Orquesta Tipic'PhD
Alonso Casanueva Baptista
‘From Individuals to Citizens: Towards a Radical Education Imaginary in American Modernity. A Castoriadean reading of three American radical education theorists and practitioners in the Twentieth Century: Dewey, Illich, and Freire’PhD
Fang Cao (2017)'Elderly care, Family Relations and Social Change in a Chinese Village, 1949-2015'PhD
Elizabeth Chapman (2017)'The Community Garden as a Microcosm'PhD
Rebecca Clark (2019)'"Where I Feel Most Comfortable in the World": Searching Utopia for Home’PhD
Tracy De Cotta (2017)'There ae No Vagabonds Here: Public Spaces and Publicness in an Aspiring World City: A Study of Three Public Leisure Spaces in Colombo, Sri Lanka'PhD
Aidan Craney (2019)'Youth Livelihood and Development in Pacific Islands'PhD
Kirsty Forsdike (2018)'"It Keeps Me Sane": An Ethnographic Study of a Women's Field Hockey Club through the Lens of Social Capital'PhD
Charon Freebody (2019)‘Making a Difference: The Creative Visions of Tracey Moffatt and Rachel Perkins’PhD
Abay Gebrekidan (2019)'Experiences of Identity and Belonging Among African Australians in Melbourne'PhD
Andrew Gilbert (2017)'The Crisis Paradigm : The concept of "Crisis" and its Limits in Lukacs, Koselleck, Arendt and Habermas'PhD
Matthew Hart (2017)‘On the Edges of Intimacy and Sociality: Young People's NSFW Tumblr Selfies’PhD
Timothy Hamilton (2018)‘White Nation, Black Land: How Indigenous Claims to Land Challenge Australian National Identity’PhD
Johanna Higgs (2018)'Now I m a Guerrilla The Child Combatants of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC)'PhD
Melissa Kennedy (2018)'Reconceptualising the Creative Economy: Possibilities in Place in Rural Victoria'PhD
Rachel Loney-Howes (2017)'Being Heard, Being Seen, Being Believed: The Politics of Recognition in Online Anti-rape Activism'PhD
Bahar Manouchehri (2019)'Child-Friendly Cities Indicators in Developing Countries: Definition of New Indicators with Emphasis on Participation of Children' PhD
Catherine Papadopoullos (2020)‘Recasting Transgression in Modernity: Prohibition, Pleasure and Otherness’PhD
Julian Potter (2019)'Faustian Modernity: German Critical Theory of Technological Modernity’PhD
Patrick Scolyer-Gray (2019)'Interpreting "Artistic Works of Fiction and Falsehood": A Sociological Analysis of the Production and Consumption of Knowledge on 4chan'PhD
Fatemeh Shahani (2019)‘The Religious Placemaking and Performance in (Post)-Secular and Multicultural Urban Spaces: The Representation of Islamic Symbols in a Mosque, a Museum and a Mall of Metropolitan Melbourne'PhD
Kyle Slade (2020)Ontological Security and Convention in Residents of Bushfire-prone Areas along Victoria's Urban-rural Interfaces'PhD
Humaira Tabassum (2019)‘The Role of Urban Planning in Developing Safer Cities in Pakistan: From Counter-Terrorism to Planning for Democracy, Equity and Diversity in Lahore and Islamabad'PhD
Nguyen Truong-Young (2020)‘The Unique Phenomenon and Significant Role of Tube Housing in the Development of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam'PhD
Melinda Turner (2017) 'Harry Potter: The Story of Our Times? A Study of the Question of Meaning in Secular Modernity' PhD
Ann Van Ryn (2017)‘Nature: A Noetic Unity’PhD
Naduni Wickramaarachichi (2017) 'Re-imagining a Sense of Belonging: South Sudanese Migrants’ Experiences in a Semi-rural Small Town, Castlemaine, State of Victoria'PhD
Shane Worrell (2020)‘Refugees and Social Media Brokering: Transnational Familial Communication in a Smartphone Age’PhD

Current postgraduate students

Name Topic
Lauren Albino'Risk Society, Reflexive Modernity, National Tragedy: Sewol'
Houda Ali'The Reproduction of Islamophobia's Logics in the Articulation of Muslim Women's Resistance'
James Annand 'Social organisation, Kinship, and Native Title in Aboriginal Victoria'
Matthew Barca'How do Individuals who Identify as Experiencing Social Anxiety Make Sense of it?'
Stephany Brajanovski'Aboriginal Victorian Women's Narratives on Healing, Drug Use and Drug Recovery'
Clare Brealey‘An Investigation into Dog Breed Politics in Contemporary Australia’
Adrienne Brodie'Seeking Safe Refuge: Negotiating Housing Precarity in the Face of Environmental Sensitivities'
Joanne Byrne'The Subcultural Use of Digital Social Spaces'
Lindy Cameron'“Mentally Ill Puppets” and “Skinhead Lesbians”: Gendered Policing of Female Teen Activists'
Cecil Camilleri'Mental Health Literacy, Woundedness and Spiritual Wellbeing: Human-Centered Narratives Informing Personal Recovery and Leadership in the Mental Health and Substance Use Sectors'
Gonzalo Carrasco'The Evolution of the Chant: Protest Art and the Chilean New Song'
Lloyd Changaira'Help Seeking and Healthcare System Utilisation amongst African Migrants in Victoria, Australia'
Dino Concepcion‘Health on Hold: Experiencing Precarity, Racism, and the "Hidden Injuries" in Call Centre Work’
Matthew Conrad 'Shamanic Tourism in the Peruvian Amazon'
Kristie Deluca'A Trauma Focused Review of the Australian Child Protection System'
Adrian Doling-Hill'Across the Great Divide: Identifying Key Causes of Political Anomie and Bifurcation’
Jacqulyn Evans'The Culture of Culture: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Relationship Between the Microbiota of Kombucha and its Human Producers'
Thomas Fisher'Inquiring into the Rise of the Far Right'
John Gannon 'On "Being" a Late Modern Psychiatric Nurse: An Autoethnography'.
Brigette Glossop 'Youth, Technology, Incivility: E-bullying in Australian Schools'
Natasha Graham 'The (Mis)measure of Prisoners Children: Problematic Conceptions within Discourses about Intergenerational Transmission of Criminality'
Shawn Green‘Countering radical and violent Islam in Indonesia through civil-society’
Lisa Hatfield 'Sustainability and Productivity: The Politics of Nature in Urban Australia'
Alasdair Henry‘The Effectiveness of Australian Survivor Advocacy Groups in the Domain of Historical Institutional Child Abuse’
Stephanie Houghton‘Inclusivity, Participation and Narratives: Exploring How Three Organisations in Ghana Engage Short-term Volunteers within Development’
Claire James‘Race, Culture and Enduring Attraction: An Anthropological Perspective on Past and Present Relationships Between Aboriginal Women and Men of European Descent’
Janelle Johnstone‘‘More Than Voices: An Ethnographic Analysis of Melbourne's Independent Live Music Industry’
Rosie Jones'What Will We Do With the Dead?'
Amber Karanikolas'Imprisonment, Disability and Abolitionism: Figuring Disability within the Abolitionist Imaginary'
Kim Lah‘The International Criminal Court's attempted prosecution of the US, and the Trump Administration's Response: A Case Study of International (In)Justice'
Caroline Lyall‘The Impact of Mental Illness on Emerging Adults: Expected Transitions and Identity Formation’
Neville Manaois

‘The Korean Migration to the Philippines’

Bernardo López Marin'The Significance of Trans-migratory Journeys and their Meaning for Migrants in Transit through Violent Territories within Mexico and Central Africa: Feelings and Sentiments that Transform the Human Condition and its Nature in Form and Shape'
Joshua Matanzima‘Cementing Uneven Development: The Socio- economic Disparities Engendered by the Sino Hydro-electric Project in Kariba, Zimbabwe’
Sidrah McCarthy 'Concepts of "Culture" amongst Victorian Aboriginal Communities'
Nibedita Mishra

‘Paradoxes of “Smart” City Planning in India’

Samiro Mohamud 'Somali International Students and Mobility'
Marjorie MuyrongLinkages between Culture and Economics: Understanding the Economic Miracles and Development Puzzles in Asia using Stochastic Frontier Analysis'
Amy Neve 'Becoming Young Men: Hazara (Former) Unaccompanied Minors Transitioning into Adulthood in Australia'.
Kurnia Novianti‘An Ethnography of the Smart City Concept in Indonesia: A Case Study of Surabaya’
Sharon O'Mara‘Risky Pedagogy: Teaching Victorian Secondary School Students the Ethics of Intimacy’
Susannah Ostojic‘Food (In)Security: Personhood, Health, and Modernity in Vanuatu’
Michelle O’Toole'Embracing Māori Language, Art, and Culture in Aotearoa New Zealand'
Sophia Pearce‘A Critical Examination of the Repatriation of Barkandji Material Culture in Western New South Wales, Australia’
Diana Piantedosi'Augmented Reality in the Tinder Age'
Gilbert Que'The Role of the Philippine Indian Diaspora in India's Cultural Diplomacy: Understanding Identity, Communicating culture, Using Spaces'
Beth Radulski'#TakeTheMaskOff: Autistic Performativity and the Neurodiversity Movement'
Benedict Santilli'A Hegelian Critique of the Disciplinary Science of Anthropology'
Justin Charles See'Assessing the Distributive and Procedural Justice of Climate Change Adaptation Programmes: The Case of Iloilo City, Philippines'
Michael Seddon ‘Beyond the Sacred Valley: Ayahuasca Pilgrimage in Peru’
Suzanne Shearer 'Maintaining Village Identity in the Suburbs: The Place of Myth and Ritual in Cultural Identity'
Leah Slattery 'Exploring Processes of Racialisation in the Victorian, Australian Criminal Justice System'
Francis Sollano'Legal Regimes and Literary Representations of the Post-Martial Law Philippines and the Indonesian New Order'
Deua Stojanovska'Flourishing in the Desert: Anangu Conceptions of Wellbeing while Living with Kidney Disease'
Jon Stokes 'A Study in Workplace Injuries/Deaths and the Neo-Liberal State: NSW 1983-2011'
Magdalena Szypielewicz'Hipster Urbanism: Hipsters and their Impact on Gentrification in Melbourne, Australia'
Andrew Tang‘Cigarettes for Stories, or Queer Solidarity – Intersecting Subjectivities in a Solidarity Economy’
Anna Torres Abblitt'A Study on Perceptions of Natural Disasters amongst Filipino Migrants in Australia'
Jane Urquhart‘Locating Gendered Knowledge and Practices in Aboriginal Fire Ecology’
Kerry Watson‘Beyond Chinatown: The Location of Bendigo's Chinese Heritage Sites’
Andrew Whalley‘A Place for Respect: Reshaping Client-practitioner Relations in a Service for People who Inject Drugs’
Matthew Willis'Water Security in the Murray-Darling Basin'
Kerry Woodward'Agriculture Beyond Growth: Viability and Scalability'
Yiping Xing'Ethnic Identities and Intergenerational Relationships of Chinese Migrant Families'
Maryanne Xuereb'The Social Capital of Evangelization: Fostering Social Capital within Evangelical Catholic Communities in Melbourne'
Graham Young'Metamodernism and Narrative'