Sambas Malay borderscapes: Women’s mobility and migration at the border

Australian Research Council Discovery Project

Dr Wendy Mee (Chief Investigator) with Professor Joel Kahn and Dr C Houston

This project is a case-study of women's labour migration and other forms of mobility that operate at the territorial borders of nation-states. Using the example of Sambas, a regency in Indonesian Borneo that borders the Malaysian state of Sarawak, the research explores three borderscapes – or border imaginaries – that shape the form of women's cross-border mobility.

The project contributes to our understanding of the mobile lives of women who in live in border zones in three ways. First, it provides a borderlands perspective on women's independent mobility in a part of Borneo where studies of women's migration remain scarce. It also deepens our appreciation of the significance of crossing other 'borders' (and not just territorial ones) in the lives of borderlanders. Finally, it considers women's mobility in relation to the constitution of Malayness, an area of study that has typically overlooked women's contribution to Malay cultural identity processes.
This project was funded by the Australian Research Council, DP0771272 (2007-2009) 'Translocal Identities in the Malay World'.


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