Remaking rural China: agricultural modernisation, land transfers and resettlement

This project aims to analyse the remaking of rural China as it is envisaged and executed in China’s hierarchical political system, and to examine the impacts of this restructuring on agriculture, rural society, and people’s lives. New data collected in three provinces and at multiple scales will enable in-depth analysis of China’s political and administrative system, the nature of agrarian change in rural China, and the pace of agricultural restructuring. The project will strengthen international, domestic and disciplinary collaboration. The analysis produced will be used to inform Australia’s agricultural trade relationship with China.

This project is funded the Australian Research Council, DP 180100519, 2018-2020.


  1. Rogers, S. and Wilmsen, B. (accepted) Towards a critical geography of resettlement. Progress in Human Geography.
  2. Duan, Y. and Wilmsen, B. (forthcoming) Urbanisation resettlement in China: Characteristics, risks and the Revised Land Administration Law, In Singer, J. and Price, S. New Orientations in Development Displacement and Resettlement: Country approaches and community resilience. Routledge. 50% contribution. FoR Code 1604

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Dr Brooke Wilmsen
Department of Social Inquiry
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