Informal networks and judicial systems

Dr Raul Sanchez Urribarri (Department of Social Inquiry, La Trobe University) with Dr Bjoern Dressel (Australian National University) and Alexander Stroh (Bayreuth)

Bringing together leading scholars of judicial politics in the Global South (including Central and South-East Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa), this project is expected to produce a comprehensive picture of the role of judicial networks in a variety of regime types and regions. It should also contribute directly to much needed theory-development, from both conceptual and methodological perspectives.

The project first encompassed a workshop in March 2015 – hosted at the Australian National University and co-sponsored by La Trobe's Institute of Human Security of Social Change – where authors explored the theme through original empirical-analysis papers, with a focus on one or more countries, emphasizing specific policy areas of judicial engagement or highlighting the role of a specific court. The convenors are now developing a journal special edition with the contributions made to this project, and have been invited to write a joint article for a Law & Social Science journal.


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