Treatment-seeking and capacity building for healthcare services in regional Fiji

Dr Tarryn Phillips (Chief Investigator), Dr Celia McMichael and Dr Michael O'Keefe

This project examines the relationship between treatment-seeking practices, access to healthcare and health outcomes on the island of Ovalau in Fiji.

In regional Pacific islands, a high number of preventable health conditions and deaths from otherwise treatable conditions are caused by people not accessing timely medical treatment from hospital staff.

Using ethnographic methods, this interdisciplinary research project seeks to better understand the factors that impact healthcare access, from ethno-medical traditions and the politics of health funding to religion, poverty and the availability of public transport. The findings will be applicable to healthcare in developing contexts globally.

This project is funded by the 'Transforming Human Societies' Research Focus Area (RFA), La Trobe University ($18,220).


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