Precariousness in law and labour markets: The case of temporary migrant workers

Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2013-2015)

Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham (Chief Investigator, University of Melbourne), Dr Iain Campbell (Chief Investigator, RMIT University), Dr Martina Boese (La Trobe University)

This project aims to analyse the implications of temporary migrant work in contemporary Australia.

Temporary migrant workers are understood as persons who live in a host country with a limited right of residence and who undertake paid work during their stay; they can include persons under different visa arrangements such as workers on 457 visas, those engaged under the seasonal worker program, international students, and working holiday makers, as well as persons with a tourist visa (who work in breach of the conditions of their visa).

Through its focus on precariousness, broadly defined as heightened insecurity in relation to accepted social standards, the project examines structural conditions, experiences and feelings of precariousness in selected industry sectors. It investigates the distribution of temporary migrant workers, migration pathways, regulatory gaps in the protection of workers, vulnerability and exploitation in labour markets, and the impact of temporary migrant work on local workers. The project spans law and social science and has a cross-national dimension.


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