Completed Research Projects

Academics in the Department of Social Inquiry undertake a range of research projects across a variety of topics.

Explore our completed research projects:

After the deluge: Revisiting displacement and resettlement at the Three Gorges Dam, China

Persons evicted to make way for development projects are inevitably impoverished.

Experiences of mental health support for adults with intellectual disability

People with an intellectual disability are at least two to three times more likely to develop a mental health problem than the general population.

Forced transnationalism: Sending migrants’ children home

This project uses a case study of Tongan migrants to investigate the practice of sending overseas-born children to live in the migrants' homeland for one or more school terms, often in response to concerns about their behaviour.

Home lands: Displaced youth and the development of positive transnational identities in a supportive local context

Home Lands investigated strategies for promoting positive identity-making among refugee youth by connecting them with the diaspora via communication technologies.

The La Trobe Ethnographic Collection, a social history: Its provenance, history and significance

La Trobe University's ethnographic collection (stored at CAVAL, Bundoora) comprises some 976 objects from Australia, Melanesia and further afield, and is an important part of the University's unique history.

MCSers online: The role of online peer support for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)

This project examines the experiences of people with MCS who engage with online peer support groups.

Narratives of work, vocation and meaning

This Melbourne based project is about the significance of work in the new capitalism. It uses in-depth interviews with workers of different ages and across a broad range of occupations.

Precariousness in law and labour markets: The case of temporary migrant workers

This project aims to analyse the implications of temporary migrant work in contemporary Australia

Pacific futures and second generation transnationalism: A Tongan case study

This study focused on the transnational practices of Tongan migrants’ adult children, particularly their contributions of remittances to family and institutions in Tonga.

Rod blong sik: Illness aetiologies, gender and medical Pluralism in the Western Pacific

Using Vanuatu as a central case study, this research systematically analyses the link between sorcery and healthcare, including healthcare seeking behavior.

Social networks and subjective wellbeing in Australia, China and the United Kingdom

We develop a new theory on positive and negative effects on wellbeing and examine it in networks across Australia, China and UK.

Treatment-seeking and capacity building for healthcare services in regional Fiji

This project examines the relationship between treatment-seeking practices, access to healthcare and health outcomes on the island of Ovalau in Fiji.

Understanding social cohesion in Shepparton and Mildura

This project involved qualitative research including observation, formal interviews and focus groups during 2015 in Shepparton and Mildura,