The undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities we offer equip students for careers of their choice in government, non-government and private sectors. While some of our graduates have gone on to further study or academia, others are currently working in research and policy development, advocacy, sustainability and development, social welfare, business and project-management.

What to study?


Anthropology is the study of other cultures and our own in order to answer the question of what makes us human.

Community Planning and Development

The Community Planning and Development program at La Trobe University focuses on how community engagement and participation is central to the processes of shaping the places in which we live.

Crime, Justice and Legal Studies

Crime, Justice and Legal Studies is a form of inquiry that seeks to understand how law and society shape each other.


Sociology examines the forces that shape individual lives, the interactions between individual and community, societal unity, division and conflict.


The Department of Social Inquiry and the La Trobe University Law School are equal contributors to teaching in this area

Pathways to study

The Department of Social Inquiry provides a broad range of study options for students. Various disciplinary and interdisciplinary majors and minors are offered within the Bachelor of Arts. More specialized courses in areas such as criminology and planning are also available. Single subject enrolments are also possible.

Undergraduate Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts comprises three years of full-time study. It can also be completed part-time. It offers students a wide choice of discipline and subject offerings. A fourth year (known as Honours) is available in most disciplines for those students who meet the prerequisites.

The Department of Social Inquiry contributes to the following majors and minors within the Bachelor of Arts:

Single subject enrolments

If you have an interest in a particular subject or want to gain some experience of university study without committing to a degree, it is possible to enrol in single subjects.

Higher Degrees by Research

The Department of Social Inquiry has a strong record of successfully supervising graduate students to MA and PhD completion. Graduate research students are active participants in the Department's research culture and are also benefit from the activities of Latrobe's Graduate Research School.

Research degrees currently offered by the Department of Social Inquiry are:

There is considerable scope to cater for diverse research interests as the list of current topics indicates. Find out more about applying to do research,the scholarships available, and find a supervisor.