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Discobolous - Trustees of British Museum

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Gods and Monsters, Sex and Desire: The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece

Unlock the secrets of ancient Greek treasures from the British Museum.

As Bendigo Art Gallery's exclusive higher education partner, La Trobe University was pleased to offer this fully accredited subject in 2014. Students took this opportunity to enjoy access to ancient treasures from the world-renowned collection of the British Museum, featured in The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece exhibition at Bendigo Art Gallery.

This subject was taught at the Gallery and the neighbouring La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre (VAC) over two weekends. It will also have additional learning support available online until December 2014. 

Gods and Monsters, Sex and Desire: The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece is a subject tailored to this exhibition. Leading La Trobe scholars will guide participants through an exploration of beauty and the human condition through the eyes of the ancient Greeks. You will be able to study marble and bronze sculptures, including the iconic Discobolus, alongside decorated vases and gold jewellery. Participants will trace representations of humanity through artworks spanning classical antiquity, through unique first-hand experience.

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Subject overview

Subject title: Gods and Monsters, Sex and Desire: The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece (MDS2TBB)

This six-day subject is open to everyone.

When and where

When: Block teaching 15–17 and 22–24 August 2014; additional online teaching and subsequent assessment throughout Semester 2, 2014.

Where: Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street, Bendigo and La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre (VAC), 121 View Street, Bendigo. View the VAC page for a location map.

Indicative block weekend format:

9.00 am — 10 am After hours gallery sessionAfter hours gallery session
10.30 am — 12.30 pm LectureLecture
1.30 pm — 3.30 pm SeminarSeminar
4.00 pm — 5.00 pmLectureLectureTutorial (optional) - peer discussion
5.00 pm — 6.00 pmAfter hours gallery session 


All attendees who complete and pass the assessment component of the subject will receive accreditation towards their degree (current students) or receive an academic transcript from La Trobe University (non-university students).

Attendees who do not wish to sit for assessment can enrol in the non-accredited subject. These students will receive a certificate of participation which may be used to demonstrate continuing professional development.

Image credit: Discobolus (discus-thrower) (detail), Roman copy of a bronze original of the 5th century BC. From Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli, Lazio, Italy. © The Trustees of the British Museum