Emergency procedures

For all campus emergencies on campus, dial 0 (outside line) then 000 and ask for the emergency service required.

For all emergencies state:

  • the type of emergency, (e.g. fire, medical emergency, assault)
  • the location of the emergency
  • your name and telephone extension or number.

Internal business hours contact: ext 8600 or (03) 5820 8600
Internal after hours contact: ext 7345 or (03) 5444 7345
External Security contact: (03) 5825 3178 [24/7]

Emergency Wardens

Campus Building, 1st floor:

  • Joanne Brown ext 8602
  • Rhonda King ext 8603
  • Kerry Cooper ext 8600

Campus Building, 2nd floor:

  • Michael Chisholm ext 8629
  • Elaine Plant ext 8609
  • Beverly Guest-Smith ext 8621

 gotafe, McLean Building, 1st floor:

  • Iris Ambrose ext 8612

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Rhonda King ext 8603

OH&S issues may include:

  • Potential hazardous situations which could impact on safety
  • Accidents
  • Discomfort caused by factors such as heat/cold, noise, vibration, etc
  • Ergonomic issues
  • Signage

First Aid

Campus Building:

  • Michael Chisholm ext 8629
  • Chris Shields ext 8608

Shepparton Student Association

Melissa Beaton (03) 58 208 607

View the Shepparton Transition Guide which has been designed to provide you with the resources, services and support to ensure you make it a successful year at La Trobe.

Student support

Academic Language and Learning, Counselling, Indigenous support


Confidential assistance with academic or personal problems is available from the campus Counsellor. For further information, contact the Student Services Office on (03) 5820 8600.

Indigenous support services

Additional support is available for students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background through the Aboriginal Assistance Scheme. Eligible students are allowed two hours per subject per week of individual or group tuition from a qualified instructor. Contact the Indigenous Student Support Officer on (03) 5820 8629 for details.