Dr Bill

Dr Bill McGuiness


Director, Alfred Clinical School

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Alfred Clinical School level 4 The Alfred Cente Rm 4.411, Melbourne (Bundoora)


PhD (Flinders), Masters of Nursing Studies (La Trobe), Bachelor of Education (Armidale), Diploma of Teaching (Armidale), Registered Nurse.



Membership of professional associations

Baord Member Wound Australia

Area of study

Ageing and aged care

Brief profile

Director, The La Trobe Alfred Clinical School, Alfred Health.

Bill has been involved in wound management since 2000 as an educator, clinician and researcher.  During this time he has focused on improving patient outcomes through the use of enabling technologies and varied health care models. Projects undertaken include temperature changes during dressing change procedures and the impact on healing, Blood flow and transcutaneous oxygen levels of the heel when off-loaded with contemporary pressure ulcer prevention devices, RCT examining the influence of electrical stimulation on removing leg oedema. He is currently C1 on a RCT examining changes to microclimate on the pressure prone areas of patients in ICU.  

Bill was keynote speaker at the 2014 and 2015 European Wound Management Conference, The New Zealand Wound management conference in 2015, The Singapore wound management conference in 2015 and the Ireland wound management conference in 2015. He was also a 2014 visiting scholar for the Ministry of Health Singapore. 

Bill is the immediate past president of the Australian Wound Management Association and a member on the Victorian State Government’s Ministerial Advisory Council on Nursing and Midwifery, Australia. He was made a Fellow of the Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA) in 2014 and a life member of AWMA (Vic) in 2015.

Research interests

Chronic disease

- Enabling Technolgies e-health informatics

Wound Management

- Chronic wounds, Skin intergity, Venous leg ulceration, Quaklity of life

Teaching units

Foundations in research NSG4FIR

Foundations for Wound Management

Foundations in speciality practice B



Wound Management clinical review and auditing of residential aged care services for compliance with wound mangement standards

Recent publications

Journal Articles

1. Borzdynski, C., McGuiness, W., & Miller, C. (in press). Comparing Visual and Objective Skin Assessment with Pressure Injury Risk. International Wound Journal.

2. Huimin, K., Rowledge, A., Borzdynski, C., Miller, C., Frescos, N., McKenzie, G., Perry, E., & McGuiness, W. (in press). Reliability of a skin diagnostic device in assessing hydration and erythema. Advances in Skin & Wound Care. 

3. Huimin, K., Miller, C., McKenzie, G., & McGuiness, W. (2015). The relationship between periwound skin condition and venous leg ulcer chronicity. Wound Practice & Research, 23(2), 82-89.

4. Miller, C., McGuiness, W., Woodward, M., & Boo, E. (2014). Client concordance and wound healing using the BodyFlow™ Electrostimulation Device: Case series. Wound Practice & Research. 22(3), 145-154

5. Baines, C., & McGuiness, B. (2014). Improving wound management outcomes in residential aged care. Wound Practice & Research, 22(3), 124-130. 6. Moore Z., Butcher, G., Corbett, L.Q., McGuiness W, Snyder, R., Acker, K. AAWC, AWMA, EWMA position paper, Managing Wounds as  Team. J Wound Care 2014; 23 (5 suppl.): S1-S38


Swanson T, Asimus M, McGuiness B, Wound Management for the Advanced Practitioner, (2014) IP Communications, Melbourne



Older publications

Karmi. L., Miller, CN., Donohue, LA., Nunn, RJ. McGuiness, W., Czech, THE., Arnold, ., & Sunderland, JF. (2012). Resolving chronic wound pain using low intensity laser therapy (LILT): a proof of concept study, Wound Practice and Research (3) 20, p159-168. Battersby, C., & McGuiness, W. (2011). Heel damage and epidural analgesia: is there a connection? Journal of Wound Care Vol. 20, No 1 pp 28-34  

Research projects

Title: Randomised Control Trial comparing prophylactic dressings versus standard care in acute care to manage the microclimate and prevent pressure injury and reduce costs (microPUP)

Funder: Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd. Funding Period: 2015-2017 Project Partners: La Trobe University, Alfred Health

Title: Pilot Study: A single blinded randomised controlled trial of leg ulcer healing and concordance using an Electrostimulation Therapy Funder: BodyFlow International Pty. Ltd. Funding Period: 2013-2014 Project Partners: La Trobe University, Alfred Health Vascular Dressing Clinic, Austin Health Wound Management Clinic, Flinders University  

Title: A New Light on Wound Pain: A Proof of Concept Study of the Effect of Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) in the Management of Wound Pain Funder: William Buckland Foundation Funding Period: 2007-2010 Project Partners: Royal District Nursing Service, La Trobe University, Alfred Health Caulfield Pain Management Clinic, Australian Institute of Laser Therapy

Title: Measuring the effect of contemporary pressure relieving devices and heel perfusion Funder: La Trobe University Funding Period: 2008-2009 Project Partners: La Trobe University, Alfred Health

Title: Use of a standardised assessment to confirm a nurses readiness for registration Funder: Department of Human Services Funding Period: 2007 Project Partners: La Trobe University, Departmenmt of Health Victoria