Professor Nick

Professor Nick Bond

Director, The Murray-Darling Basin Freshwater Research Centre

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Life Sciences

133 McKoy Street, Wodonga 3690, Albury-Wodonga

Research centres

Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre



Area of study

Environmental Management and Ecology

Brief profile

His primary interests are in the effects of flow variability on riverine ecosystems, especially the landscape scale effects of floods and droughts. His research combines empirical field studies with innovative quantitative modelling approaches. He has extensive experience working on river management and environmental flow issues in Australia and internationally, and has authored or co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed papers and numerous peer reviewed technical reports. His research focus is supported by active engagement with regional, national, and international water and natural resource management agencies to support evidence-based planning and decision making.

Recent publications

  1. Baldwin DS, Colloff MJ, Mitrovic SM, Bond NR, Wolfenden (April  2016) Restoring dissolved organic carbon subsidies from floodplains to lowland river food webs: a role for environmental flows? Marine and Freshwater Research  DOI:
  2. Bond, N. R., S. R. Balcombe, D. A. Crook, J. C. Marshall, N. Menke, and J. S. Lobegeiger. (2015). Fish population persistence in hydrologically variable landscapes. Ecological Applications, 25(4), 901-913.
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Research projects

Current projects

  1. Research to inform the assessment of ecohydrological responses to coal seam gas extraction and coal mining (Office of Water Science, Commonwealth Department of Environment)
  2. Restoring functional linkages between riparian zones and streams through restoring structural retention. (ARC Linkage Grant)
  3. Have we already lost the Australian Lungfish? (ARC Linkage Grant)
  4. Are fish populations in the Murray River energy limited (Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis)
  5. Spatial prioritization to improve river restoration outcomes (Melbourne Water)

Recent completed projects

  1. Investigating the ecological responses to altered flow regimes in the Murray Darling Basin
  2. Modelling threats to freshwater biodiversity patterns from drought and climate change
  3. Population viability and decision science modelling for environmental flows management
  4. Impacts of low flows on Aquatic Ecosystems
  5. River health and environmental flows in China Project
  6. Drought refugia and fish population persistence in intermittent streams.

Other research activities

R Package Development

hydrostats package for hydrologic time series analysis

Hydrologic-gauge summary tool (hosted by Chris Walsh)

Github package development