Dr Mary Elizabeth

Dr Mary Elizabeth Whiteside

Head, Community and Clinical Allied Health, Senior Lecturer, Social Work and Social Policy

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Allied Health

Department of Community and Clinical Allied Health

Melbourne (Bundoora)

Research centres

Living with Disability Research Centre





Membership of professional associations

Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), Associate Editor, Australian Social Work

Area of study

Social Work

Brief profile

Mary is currently Head of Department, Community and Clinical Allied Health. She has a lengthy history of involvement in research and development in health and community settings, including Australian Aboriginal and international contexts. The focus of her social work practice and her research has primarily involved social and emotional wellbeing, community development, Indigenous health, and living with disability, using qualitative and participatory research approaches.

Teaching units

Inclusion in Communities

Reflective Communication and Social Work

Social Work Research

Recent publications

Whiteside, M., Bould, E., Tsey, K., Cadet-James, Y., Venville, A. & Morris, M. Promoting 21st Century student competencies: piloting a wellbeing intervention (2017). Australian Social Work. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0312407X.2016.1263351

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Older publications


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Research projects

Current major research projects activities include:

2016-2018.  Sustainable implementation of Indigenous early childhood family support programs that work: a Family Wellbeing case-study. Yvonne Cadet-James, Komla Tsey, Cath Brown, Roxanne Bainbridge,  Mary Whiteside, Lynne McPherson, Helen Klieve, Irina Kinchin. Funded by the Lowitja Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research.

2016-2017. Gambling in the Mildura Aboriginal Community; an exploratory study. Co-investigators: Sarah MacLean and Mary Whiteside. Funded by Mallee District Aboriginal Services Limited. $59, 000.

2016 - 2017. A family intervention for methamphetamine use in Aboriginal communities. Sarah MacLean, Mary Whiteside, Sarah Callinan, Patrick Keyzer, Deb Neal.  Funded by La Trobe University Building Healthy Communities Research Focus Area.

2014- 2015. Supporting people with cognitive disability to make decisions. Christine Bigby, Jacinta Douglas, Mary Whiteside. Commissioned by Scope and funded by the Legal Services Board, Victoria.

2015 -  continuing.  Membership of a La Trobe University/Melbourne Health allied health research partnership aiming to foster allied health research at Melbourne Health.