Dr Leesa

Dr Leesa Hooker


College of Science, Health and Engineering

La Trobe Rural Health School

Department of Rural Nursing and Midwifery


Research centres

Judith Lumley Centre


RN, RM, Cert. Critical Care, PG Dip PH (Child and Family Health Nursing), MHSc, PhD



Membership of professional associations

ACM, ANMF, MCaFHNA, Victorian Association of Maternal & Child Health Nurses, Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International

Area of study


Brief profile

Leesa is a Maternal & Child Health (MCH) nurse, midwife and early career researcher and academic at La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia. She has been working in the area of women’s and children’s health for more than 20 years, with an interest in researching violence against women. Her PhD, conducted at the Judith Lumley Centre at La Trobe University, examined ways to enhance MCH nursing practice for women and children experiencing family violence. She has recently secured a post doctoral fellowship with the NHMRC funded Centre for Research Excellence to promote safer families: Tailoring early identification and novel interventions for intimate partner violence. Her particular research interests include women and children's health and improving health care service response to abused women and children.

Research interests

Women's Health

- Intimate partner violence

Teaching units

  • Undergraduate BN subjects 
  • Post Graduate Diploma Midwifery 
  • Post Graduate Child, Family & Community Nursing Masters Program at LTU


Recent publications

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Research projects

2017. RECOVER project. Pilot implementation of Child Parent Psychotherapy in Victoria. CRE Safer Families. La Trobe University and Melbourne University.

2016. Expanding LAVAWN. La Trobe Violence against Women Research Network. La Trobe University

2016. My Safety App: Scoping a safety and communication app for children experiencing family violence. Melbourne University and La Trobe University.

2015-2016. Rural La Trobe Violence Against Women Network (LAVAWN) - An Investigation of Violence against Young Women in the Bendigo Area. La Trobe University

2014-2016. ANROWS research project. Domestic and family violence and parenting: mixed method insights into impact and support needs. AIFS, Melbourne University and Latrobe University.

2013-2015. . MOVE 2- Improving maternal and child health care for women experiencing violence - 2 year follow up study. La Trobe University

2011-2015. Mother & Child Health Research -Improving maternal and child health care for vulnerable mothers (MOVE). La Trobe University