Dr Jennifer

Dr Jennifer Lehmann

Senior Lecturer

College of Science, Health and Engineering

La Trobe Rural Health School

Department of Community and Allied Health

Room 1.10 Health Sciences Building, La Trobe University, Edwards Road, Bendigo


B.A/Dip.Soc.Stud. (Melb); MSocSci; PhD (RMIT); Grad.Dip. Enviro. Health (LTU)



Membership of professional associations

Australian Association of Authors; Victorian Writer’s Centre

Area of study

Social Work

Brief profile

Jennifer has come to teaching in Social Work after a diverse career, but with a core focus on child, youth and family services in both South Australia and Victoria. Since 1978 she has been living and working in rural and regional areas, and has undertaken a variety of roles in direct practice and in management in both government and non-government sectors, together with private consultancy practice. Though her PhD studies were associated with change management, her interests are currently in the areas of narrative research, the connections between social work and environmental issues and social pedagogy. Jennifer has worked as a consultant, is a published author in both academic and literary fields, and is currently Co-Editor of the Children Australia Journal. She has addressed such diverse activities as hoarding and domestic squalor and the role of community arts for people with disability, and continues to maintain research interests with organisations delivering a range of child, family and welfare services. Jennifer is, at present, Postgraduate Coordinator for Social Work on Bendigo Campus.

Teaching units

SWP2LCD Life course Development

SWP5APC Social Work Applications C

SWP5PDE Program Design and Development

SWP5RSB Research for Social Work B


Recent publications

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Lehmann, J. (1998) ‘Getting Out . . .  and Getting Back’: Developing a Community Transport Program for South West Victoria. Shire of Moyne. Port Fairy. Victoria

Older publications




Research projects

PhD research project topics have included: Critical Reflection; Women Care Leavers with University Degrees, Social Work and Professional Identity, Parenting and Parenting Resources, Narratives and Paramedicine