College staff

Details of the College Executive and Administrative staff can be found in the below table. You may also search for academic staff members using the search at the bottom of the page.

College Office


Staff memberPhoneEmail

Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC)

Prof Robert Pike

9479 4744

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Coursework (APVC)

Prof Birgit Loch

9479 8907

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Partnerships (APVC)

Dr Sonia Reisenhofer

9479 5926

Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research (APVC)

Prof Rachel Huxley

9479 5723

College General Manager (GM) SHE

Michael Carney

9479 1969

Acting Senior Manager Planning & Governance

Dominic Eyre

9479 5115

College Executive Officer

Martine Davis

9479 2935

Executive Assistant (PVC and GM)Helen Coman9479 1407
Senior Administration Office (support of APVC's)Ann Gaskell9479


Staff memberPhoneEmail

Academic Coordinator, Coursework

Dr Dell Horey

9479 2919

Academic Coordinator, Coursework

Dr Brianna Julien9479

Senior Manager College Education

Laurie Ransom

9479 1279

Senior Coordinator, Teaching Support and Design

Janene Richings


Senior Coordinator, Academic Quality & Standards

Leanne Douglas

9479 5906

Advisor, Academic Quality & Standards

Samantha Ashton

9479 3233

Transition Coordinator

Tania Blanksby

9479 2261

First Year Coordinator

Rita Manessis

Transition AdvisorKaled Idris-Said9479

Core First Year Coordinator

Dr Ryan Naylor9479
Deputy Core First Year CoordinatorDr Colleen Holt9479
Administration Officer (CFY)Craig Burnett9479

Administration Coordinator, Articulation & 3rd Party Teaching

Wendy Lewis

9479 1383

Senior Officer, Partnerships

Colette Seehaber

9479 3588

Teaching Support Officer

Andrew Williams

9479 5823

Teaching Support Officer

Karthika Thiagarajapillai

9479 3949

Teaching Support Officer (Bendigo)

Debbie Hall

5444 7724



Staff member PhoneEmail

Acting Academic Coordinator (Academic Partnerships)


9479 xxxx


Regional Academic Partnerships Coordinator

Katherine Legge

5444 7393

Associate Regional Academic Partnerships Coordinator

Evelien Spelten

5051 4071

Manager, Partnership Operations


Manager, In2Science Peer MentoringDr Alison Every

Senior Experiential Learning Advisor (Clinical)

Sam Pilling

9479 6537

Experiential Learning Advisor (Metro)

Kate Beaumont

9479 1011

Senior Experiential Learning Coordinator (WIL)

Marnie Long

9479 6795

Experiential Learning Advisor (WIL) Kelly McDermott9479 5763​
Experiential Learning Advisor (WIL)
Angela Edwards9479
Experiential Learning Advisor (WIL)
Steven Merry9479

Experiential Learning Advisor (Regional Clinical)

Shannon Morgan

9107 5448

Senior Coordinator, Placement Operations

Josh Apeltauer

9479 5726

Senior Advisor, School Partnership

Francesca Calati

9479 6011



Staff member PhoneEmail
Acting Academic Coordinator (Research)         TBA  
Project Coordinator (Research) Robert Macmahon9479 3242

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