General Placement Information

Watch the below YouTube video to get some more information about the placement component of SHE3FRW.

Information for Regional students

If you're a regional student, you can access opportunities as part of the Regional Reward. Login to Career Hub and type SHE3FRW in the Search Jobs box to search for placements suitable for SHE3FRW.

Information for Melbourne Campus students

If you're a Melbourne student, you need to self-source placements. This means that you need to contact potential employers to see whether they can accommodate you for a placement. Finding a placement is similar to job hunting and most students find that it’s a great confidence building and networking exercise in its own right.

Career Ready staff are available to show you how to go about finding your own placement. They can:

  • show you how to find companies in your area of study
  • help you with what to say on the phone
  • help you prepare your CV.

Some employers may want to interview you before accepting you for placement. Career Ready can help you prepare for the interview, including conducting a mock (practice) interview with you. You can also use the Big Interview web resources to practice your interview skills.

When contacting employers, you need to explain that:

  • The placement includes 100 – 140 hours of placement in the workplace
  • The hours must be completed within the semester
  • Ideally, the work that you will be doing on placement should be project based, with a defined beginning and end point. Please check in with your Subject Coordinator if you are unsure if an opportunity will be suitable.
  • A simple 2-page WIL Agreement will need to be signed between the employer and the University before placement can start. The WIL Agreement is a legal agreement between the Employer and the University and ensures you are insured while attending your placement.

When searching for placements, pay attention to any qualifications or skills required by the Employer. Any travel or accommodation costs associated with the placement will not be covered by the University – they must be paid by you. All students will be covered by the La Trobe University Insurance Policy.