My student/ staff electonic access card doesn't work

  • Does the card emit a tone?
  • Do you have any expiry date on your card?
  • Is the card damaged?

I can't get into my building

  • Is the card programmed correctly?
  • Do you have access to this area?
  • Is it a new card?
  • Is the card damaged, eg: bent, cracked or have a hole punched in it?

I've lost my access card

Notify Security as soon as possible. This will enable Security to de-authorise the card and will prevent other people using it to access buildings or areas and facilities on campus.

Do I need to carry my student or staff access card on campus?

Your access card is an important form of identification whilst studying or working on campus and should be carried at all times to help confirm that you are a current student or staff member of the University.

Assistance is available from:

Security, Control room, Bundoora campus

T: extensions: 2012, 1141 or 6632