Professional development

Our professional development programs give educators the tools to upskill reskill and advance into leadership roles.

Learn more about the science of language and reading or gain valuable skills to improve the emotional wellbeing of your students.

Our short courses include:

The science of language and reading

The Science of Language and Reading (SOLAR) Lab, founded in 2020, is helping educators and schools to adopt well-established, scientific approaches to improve how they teach children to read and support struggling readers.

Early reading skills strongly predict children’s academic, social and vocational trajectories as they move through school and beyond. Strong reading skills enhance the likelihood of being part of the social and economic mainstream in adulthood.

The SOLAR Lab offers short, non-award courses designed for educators, literacy leaders, principals, allied health clinicians and parents who are interested to know more about the linguistic basis of reading, how the English writing system works and how to adopt evidence-informed structured literacy practices.

There is a 10% discount for schools that enrol 10 or more staff, or in the case of schools with fewer than 10 staff, where all staff are enrolled. In the case of Secondary schools, a discount is offered to participants who have completed either the Introductory or Intermediate short course.

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Mental health and wellbeing in schools

These online short courses are designed specifically for educators as they respond to the growing mental health crisis in our schools.

Drawn from current research and in collaboration with allied health organisations, the courses develop the mental health literacy of teachers, principals and counsellors through resources, learning forums, interactive activities and presentations.

The learning activities are self-paced. Study can be accessed at any time, with both live and pre-recorded sessions available.

Topics include recognising and supporting students with anxiety and depression, building resilience and understanding the profound impact of trauma on development and learning.

Using multi-tiered approach, these courses build the capacity of schools to support their learning communities through current mental health challenges and the effects of disrupted learning environments in the COVID-19 era.

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