School of Education student experience

The School of Education offers the right mix of in-person and online learning, supported by the latest digital technologies, and delivered by knowledgeable and caring educators.

Students benefit from our unique, digitally focused approach that encourages them to use technology in their own learning, as a tool to foster learning in others, and to build relationships with peers, academics and education professionals.

This digital focus works in tandem with our school-based and Early Childhood experiences, campus and place-based learning – allowing our future teachers to excel in all environments and help their students to do the same.

Diversity and inclusion

At La Trobe University, we have a longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice; our students are amongst the most diverse of all Australian universities, and we are committed to providing a learning environment and workplace where all students and staff feel valued, respected and supported to achieve their full potential.

We care about building a connected community that actively champions diversity and inclusion to help people thrive. We achieve this by supporting our people, valuing diverse thinking as a key driver of innovation, and holding ourselves to account in delivering a culture where equity is a way of life.

La Trobe is committed to promoting equal opportunities and support for all students and staff, with a focus on six key pillars: cultural, disability, gender equality, Indigenous, LGBTIQA and life stages.

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Student support

Our programs offer the right balance of real world experience and insight into the latest educational research.

Our initial teacher education courses are designed in partnership with expert teachers and educational leaders. Our students are connected to professional and social learning communities, supporting them to build the networks they will need to enter the workforce.

We also offer a range of professional development short courses for teachers and other educators, including ‘The science of language and reading’ and ‘Health and wellbeing of teachers and students.’

All students benefit from mentoring and support from our world-class academic staff.

At La Trobe, student associations and extensive support services also exist to optimise success and the overall student experience. Find out more.

Professional experience placements

Our students, regardless of their degree, get the best balance of practical skills and theoretical knowledge so they can graduate with confidence.

We work closely with our partners to expose students to real world experiences and evidence-based approaches to quality teaching.

Our unique professional experience model offers students supportive, cohort-style placements, augmented by mentoring and peer support.

Students are also given the opportunity to participate in a Community of Practice within schools and early learning contexts – allowing them to connect with their peers and experienced teachers, and build new knowledge and practices together.

Work Integrated Learning

All our students receive practical experience necessary to make them work ready and highly employable.

We offer a range of Work Integrated Learning opportunities through degrees such as the Bachelor of Outdoor and Sustainability Education.

Our postgraduate coursework and research programs offer students the opportunity to work in an educational setting, under the guidance of experts, on projects that turn evidence-based approaches into workplace practices.

Global experiences

Our staff and students are globally connected and engage with global perspectives of education.

The School has international partnerships with universities in Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, India, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States – giving our staff and students the opportunity to work in, and experience, different school systems and contexts.

Our students have opportunities to undertake professional experience placements and exchange during their courses. Due to the pandemic, they are unable to travel overseas at this time.