Student and alumni profiles

Christina Kouppi

Course of study:
Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Business

I finished from St Mary's High School in Cyprus and worked for a year, and then entered law as an undergraduate. Despite the difficulty and heavy work load of the course, the staff are extremely helpful and approachable – open to ideas and derive ideas.

The double degree combination is giving me a fantastic opportunity for my career. In the long run I aim to become a legal consultant or in-house council for a commercial organisation.

I Participated in an overseas student exchange experience and I was a great opportunity to discover places outside Australia and enjoy the diversity in other countries. The experience was culturally enriching and provides a great opportunity to make contacts and acquire international workplace skills. I also took a legal internship for six months. I achieved an independent placement in a short period of time and had the opportunity of travel for work. This was truly an amazing experience.

My advice for secondary student coming to uni is to make sure you maintain a healthy work and social life balance. It is possible to be at uni, travel, work and meet people. University does not limit you, but expands your opportunities further.

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