Student and alumni profiles

Mr Beni Cakitaki

Course of study:
Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

The Bachelor of PPE has been of immense value in exposing me to a wide range of political, philosophical and economic ideas, and furthering my understanding of the world. My degree has enabled me to develop a unique conceptual toolkit of quantitative and qualitative methods in order to understand and solve the great policy challenges of our time.

The Bachelor of PPE provides all the elements necessary for a solid foundation in understanding modern public policy, which is reflected in the subject offerings. The first year subject Politics, philosophy and economics is a fantastic introduction to the three disciplines and charts their interlinkages. In the third year, students apply economic analysis to Australian public policy and learn about the political considerations of policy making through the subject Public policy and its impact.

The most enjoyable part of the degree was meeting many other inquisitive PPE students and debating the intricacies of public policy. While studying, I was a co-founder, and inaugural Vice President of the LTU PPE Society, a student social organisation that aims to engage with students wishing to gain a more in-depth understanding in the PPE disciplines by way of casual discussion, debates, academic and social activities.

The biggest change in my world outlook is an increased appreciation of the overwhelming and complex wicked problems; we face as a nation and global community. It is unlikely that any single discipline alone has the answers, but with an interdisciplinary approach, we have a better chance of meeting the challenges of our era.

After working as a research assistant in in the higher education program at the Grattan Institute for 3 years, I have recently begun a research position at the Centre of Higher Education Equity and Diversity Research (CHEEDR). CHEEDR conducts research into the barriers to university participation amongst disadvantaged groups. I am currently working on two journal articles, and have to analyse subject enrolment data for both senior secondary schools and universities, as well as summarise the findings from previous relevant studies.

I intend to do my honours after I finish this year. I would like to continue working in higher education policy, perhaps moving onto an advisory role at some stage.

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