Career Ready

Our degrees are designed in accordance with Australian teaching standards and we work hard to ensure our students have the right combination of theoretical knowledge, professional skills, and practical experience to achieve their career goals.

Teacher standards and accreditation

All initial education programs are required to be accredited by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) - and reaccredited every five years. Graduates who wish to work as primary, secondary or early childhood teachers will need to register with the VIT to be eligible to do so. Professional registration requires an application to VIT and may have additional or ongoing requirements.

Initial Teacher Education (ITE)

Our Initial Teacher Education courses feature a foundational first year to allow to strengthen your professional literacy and numeracy. You will also have flexibility and time to decide on your teaching specialisation. We test numeracy and literacy skills at the beginning of the degree and offer individualised support, and ongoing diagnostic testing, to give you the confidence to pass the compulsory literacy and numeracy test at the end of your course.

Career development

Our development courses are designed to support the career progression of existing teachers and educational professionals. For example, our Bachelor of Early Learning gives professionals working in the childcare industry the opportunity to upgrade to an undergraduate qualification and our Bachelor of Technology Education provides trade professionals a pathway into secondary, VCAL and VET teaching.

We also offer a suite of Master’s degrees aimed at accelerating the careers of existing teachers. These degrees are designed to prepare teachers for leadership roles, develop specialist skills, or provide research opportunities.

Teaching Academies of Professional Practice

We are partners in two of the twelve Teaching Academies of Professional Practice (TAPP) established by the Victorian Government to improve the quality of initial teacher education. TAPPs are partnerships of a cluster of schools with one or more universities. Our participation in the TAPP program ensures better practical experience opportunities for our students and allows us to consult with industry when designing teacher education programs. TAPP also facilitates research partnerships and greater access to professional development for existing teachers.

La Trobe’s clusters are:

Bendigo TAPP

Made up of Bendigo South East Secondary College (lead school); Eaglehawk Secondary College; Werona College Bendigo, and Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

Rural Victoria TAPP

Involving several clusters of rural schools and a partnership with both Federation University and the Country Education Project.