Dr Scott Alterator

Lecturer, Education

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce


Department of Education




Area of study

Educational Studies

Brief profile

Dr Alterator's ongoing research is focused on the post-occupancy evaluation of innovative learning spaces. His work investigates the interaction between brute space and the embedded systems employed by institutions to enable desired behaviours and outcomes. Dr Alterator works with schools, tertiary insitutions, architects, and systems to align the vision of education with the teaching and learning program and the physical environment.

Research specialisation

- Teaching and learning

Recent publications

Alterator, S. & Deed, C. (2016). Reacting to 'irregular' learning environments in a senior secondary school. Curriculum and Teaching, 31(2)

Alterator, S. (2016) What are sustainable or generative teacher skill sets in teaching and learning within open plan learning environments? (Doctoral thesis, La Trobe University, Australia).

Miles, R.H.  Alterator, S., & Lord, S. (2016). Practice, pedagogy and inquiry: addressing the complexities of online teacher education. In Szplit, A. & Boyd, P. (Eds) Student Teachers Learning Through Inquiry: International Perspectives. Poland: Jan Kochanowski University. 

Older publications

Alterator, S. & Deed, C. (2013). Teacher adaptation to open learning spaces. Issues in Education Research. 23 (3) 315-330 *