Professor Margaret E

Professor Margaret E Robertson


Professor of Education

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce


Department of Education

Melbourne (Bundoora)


PhD, M.Ed, BA, Dip Ed,



Membership of professional associations

Fellow, The Australian College of Educators; Member, American Educational Research Association; Member, Institute of Australian Geographers

Area of study

Educational Studies

Brief profile

As Professor in Education  in the Faculty of Education at La Trobe University my role brings me into contact with students and educational contexts throughout the Australian state of Victoria, and from many international locations.  Academic and curriculum responsibilities include supervision and teaching of post-graduate research students (including large numbers of international students),  and contributions to post-graduate and pre-service programs related to geographical education, pedagogical  and curriculum issues.

My research interests include geographical and environmental education and associated visual-spatial literacies; uses of digital technologies as pedagogical tools and innovative developments in learning cognition and social media. Mobile technologies, geospatial technologies and social connectivity are current interests. A particular focus is on 'student voice' and young people's views and visions of their future lifestyles. Cross-cultural comparisons in young people's thinking and learning engagement processes is a current research interest.

Teaching units

Research Methods

Pedagogical Principles


Pedagogy and learning; Student voice; Curriculum Innovation; Geospatial literacies

Recent publications

Selected Keynotes and presentations

Robertson, M. (2017) Sustainability and Geography Education: A Matter of Perspective? Deutscher Kongress für Geographie 2017, Universität Tübingen, October 2017.

Robertson, M. (2016) Different realities different lived lives: Geography matters more and more. Invited keynote at the IGU-Geographical Education Commission and SEAGA international conference, Singapore, August 2016.

Robertson, M. (2016) The pop-up reality for youth on the urban fringe: Their spaces, their times and their futures. Invited keynote, Urban Big Data Centre, University of Glasgow, May 2016.

Robertson, M. (2016) Growing up on the peri-urban fringe: Narratives of an emerging urban ecology. Invited keynote Department of Humanities and Social Science, University of Stockholm, April 2016.

Robertson, M. (2014) Young people, optimism and nature: a fragile balance for education. The Centre for Commonwealth Education; The University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. Seminar, Cambridge 19 May.

Robertson, M. (2012) Through the eyes of young observers – Geographers imagine, image and create futures. Invited keynote for Queensland Geography Teachers' Association state conference, Brisbane 28 July . 

Robertson, M. (2012) Young people, their views, their visions: Cross cultural perspectives offer new wisdom. Invited keynote for International Conference: Innovative Research in a Changing and Challenging World, 16-18 May, Phuket. AND Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong 9-11 May.

Robertson, M. (2010) Invited keynote for IGU_CGE conference (Istanbul) July 8 -12). Young people’s wisdom thwarts global confusion.


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Book Chapters

Montouro, P. & Robertson, M. (2018) The emerging hegemony of cybernetic type n realities: The non-place of Generation Z. In T. Felgenhauer, K. Gäbler (Eds.) Geographies of Digital Culture. Routledge. ISBN: 9781138236226

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Journal Articles

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Conference Publications (Refereed)

Robertson, M. (2011) Online learning creating geographies of freedom: a call for rethinking adult guidance. in C.P Whewell; C.Brooks; G. Butt, & A. Thurston (Eds.) Edited conference proceedings of the International Geographical Union Congress on Geographical Education, London, April 18-20th 2011, pp. 169-176.

Textbook contributions to Geography for the Australian Curriculum Series published by Cambridge University Press (2014, Melbourne). See Year 7, ISBN 987-1-107-69012-7, and Year 8, ISBN 978-1-107-64717-6; and Humanities and Social Sciences (Ibid, 2014, M. McInerney, Compiling Editor). See  ISBN 978-1-107-43511.

Research projects

Member, Steering Commttee, International Year of Global Understanding (2011-). See

Youth in new urban spaces - their views and visions in peri-urban Melbourne (2013 ongoing).