Dr Debra

Dr Debra Edwards


College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce


Department of Education

Room/Location: 2.06 Education, Bendigo


Dip Teach (Primary) Toorak, BEd (Primary) Bendigo, Grad Dip Special Education La Trobe, MEd La Trobe, Phd La Trobe



Membership of professional associations

Australian Literacy Educators Association

Area of study

Special education
Primary teaching

Teaching units

English  and Literacy Education

Recent publications


 Edwards, D. & Donnison, S. ( 2011)Re-designing a first year teacher education community service-learning subject using constructive alignment. Refereed conference proceedings of ATEA 2011. Valuing Teacher Education: Policy, Perspectives and Partnerships.

Edwards, D. (2011). Literate or illiterate seeking the literate student in government policy. The Journal of the Book. 

Potts, A., Edwards, D., & Smith, D. (2010) Disciplinary cultures in an Australian college of advanced education. Journal of Educational Administration and History. 42(4). 383-  403. Online publication 21 November 2010

Donnison, S., & Edwards, D. (2010). Understanding the link between student values and transition. The International Journal of Learning. 17(2). 417-428.


Donnison, S, Edwards, Itter Diane, Martin Dona and Yager Zali (2009) Reflecting on Improving our Practice: Using Collaboration as an Approach to Enhance First Year Transition in Higher Education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education. 34 (3). 18-29.

Edwards, Debra. (2009). Tracing Literacy Journeys: The use of the literacy autobiography in preservice teacher education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education. 34 (4). 51-61.

Edwards, D. (2005) How does the glass through which we view the world frame our view? Research and literacy policy. Melbourne Studies in Education. 46 (1): 63-72

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Rowe, G., Mayor Cox, S., Edwards, D., Daly, M., and Lamont, H. (2000) Success with Reading and Writing: Helping At-Risk Students 8-13 years, Student Log, Dellasta, Melbourne, 69.

Edwards, D. (2000) Using the Structure When Reading Factual Text, Practically Primary, Vol.5, No.2, June, 37-42.


Australian College of Education

Research projects

 ARC Project  Improving regional secondary students’ learning and wellbeing.

  First year project, Bachelor of Education.   Design for Learning project, Bachelor of Education.   First year student transition and timely higher education affordances – Phase 2: Mapping engagement strategies at La Trobe with higher education affordances.