Mr Chris

Mr Chris Townsend

Associate Lecturer

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce


Department of Outdoor and Env. Education

Room/Location: Ironbark Centre, 2.13a, Bendigo


B.A. Outdoor Education Dip. Ed. (LTU)



Membership of professional associations

Australian Canoeing

Area of study

Environmental education
Outdoor education

Brief profile

Chris lectures in outdoor and environmental education with a particular focus on flat and open water river environments. He has extensive experience in designing and running extended river journey outdoor education programs for secondary and tertiary students. His core teaching responsibilities assist third year students in transitioning from leaders to teachers in river environments in the Southern tributaries of the Murray Darling Basin.

Teaching units

River environments - Flat and Open water [subject coordinator]

Teaching in River Environments  - Flat and Open water [subject coordinator]

Field Experience A [subject coordinator]

Safety in Outdoor Environments

Teaching and Program Development

Outdoor Living and Travel Skills

Regional Catchment Studies

Environmental Interpretation

Field Experience D


Older publications

 Townsend, C., & Sage-Marsh, C. (2005). Storm in a Teacup. Bendigo: St. Luke's Innovative Resources.

A poem is set to paintings to create the dramatically intense world of this hardcover 36-page picture book. We follow the journey of a tear that falls into a teacup, eventually finding its way out to sea. Finally it falls as rain and drives a young boy into the arms of his beloved grandfather. It encounters environmental and cyclical themes of life and death, decay and renewal, time and fear and the gifts of one generation to another. Includes learner's guide to asist environmental educators, art teachers, therapists and councelors.

Research projects

Encouraging receptivity to environmental learning through interpretive skills.

Emerging technologies and safety culture.