300 per week

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Who is it for?


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How is it paid?

Duration of Course


Scholarships are available to students to undertake a research project during the summer vacation period in the following Research Themes associated with LIMS:

  • Cancer (two scholarships)
  • Neurobiology (two scholarships)
  • Infection and immunity (two scholarships)
  • Molecular design (two scholarships)
  • Molecular imaging (two scholarships)
  • Molecular sensing (two scholarships)

Are you eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants must:

Be a second or third year undergraduate students who are undertaking subjects in the Departments/Disciplines associated with LIMS (Biochemistry, Chemistry, Genetics, Physics and Pharmacy/Applied Science).

Recipients of the scholarship shall be selected by the University based on their:


How to apply

Submit application form [DOC 200KB] no later than Monday 31 October 2016 to

Before applying, you must approach potential supervisors to confirm that they can assign you to a research project in their laboratory.

Duration: 4 weeks, full time.

Who to contact for further information

Mark Hulett,