Information for current scholarship holders

This information refers to domestic coursework scholarships only.  This information does not apply to International Scholarships, Higher Degree by Research Scholarships (e.g. PhD scholarships) or College Excellence Scholarships.

Scholarship terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of a scholarship is an important legal document that outlines the obligations of receiving a scholarship. By accepting the scholarship, the recipient is agreeing to the terms and conditions of that award.

Holding more than one scholarship

In most cases multiple scholarships cannot be held simultaneously.

Converting to part-time

Scholarships are for students that undertake full-time enrolment (a minimum of 45 credit points per semester) and must remain enrolled as a full-time student throughout the duration of their scholarship.

Part-time enrolment may be approved in exceptional circumstances.  Recipients that wish to convert to part-time need to contact the Scholarships team ( to inquire as to the status of their scholarship and provide compelling reasons why they need to study part-time.

There are tax implications for scholarship recipients studying part-time.  The University does not withhold tax from coursework scholarship payments.  It is the recipient’s responsibility to check whether the payments they are receiving are classified as taxable income.

Should you be granted approval to study part-time and still receive your scholarship, then the scholarship will be paid at 50% of the value of the scholarship (rather than pro-rata).

Students who are not approved to receive their scholarship and study part-time, may have their scholarship deferred for a maximum of 12 months until such time as they return to fulltime study.


Payments are made directly to the recipient via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that their banking details are correct.

Payments are subject to meeting ongoing eligibility requirements specified in the terms and conditions of each scholarship.  The University undertakes a process to review and verify the scholarship recipient’s ongoing eligibility for their scholarship (usually after each semester census date and upon the release of academic results).

Deferment of scholarship / leave of absence

A scholarship cannot be deferred.  If you decide to defer the commencement of your course, you cannot defer your scholarship.

Subject to an application to the Scholarships team and formal approval, recipients may be permitted to retain a scholarship when they take a leave of absence from their course, for a maximum of one year over the total duration of their course and only after successfully completing the first year of their course.  Scholarship payments will be suspended during this period of approved leave of absence. A scholarship may be suspended during the first year only in exceptional circumstances.

Transfer of scholarships

Scholarships are not transferrable between institutions.

Scholarships that are attached to a particular course or discipline are not transferable between courses.  If the scholarship is not attached to a particular course then a transfer may be allowed.  The scholarships team must be contacted if the recipient wishes to transfer courses.

If transferring courses results in the scholarship recipient taking longer than normal course duration to complete their degree, their scholarship will only be paid for the duration of the original course or for the duration set out in the scholarship terms and conditions.

Scholarship extension

Scholarships are either for a defined period of time (specified in the terms and conditions) or for the normal duration of the recipient’s course (the course enrolled in at the receipt of the scholarship).

Scholarship extensions will not be granted for merit scholarship recipients.

Recipients of access and equity scholarships may apply for an extension in exceptional circumstances and must provide evidence as to the reasons for the extension.  These will then be considered on a case-by-case basis by the relevant committee.

Suspension or Termination of scholarships

Scholarships will be suspended or terminated if the recipient is found to be in breach of the terms and conditions of their scholarship.

If the recipient fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress, the scholarship will be suspended in the following circumstances;

  • The recipient fails, for the first time, any workplace-based subject (as listed in schedule A of the Academic Progress Review Procedures)
  • The recipient fails 50% or more credit points
  • The recipient fails the same subject more than once

The scholarship will be terminated if the recipient transfers course and the transfer of their scholarship is not accepted.

Provision of false information

If the University knows, or has reason to believe that a scholarship recipient provided false or misleading information on their scholarship application the University may review their application and terminate their scholarship.