up to $80000

Opening date

Closing date



Amount conditions

The recipient cannot hold another philanthropically or university funded scholarship, including a commonwealth scholarship.

Who is it for?

Future undergraduates, Future postgraduate coursework

Where is it available?

Melbourne, Bendigo

How is it paid?

The full scholarship offering will be $20,000 each year for the undergraduate degree or $30,000 per year for the master degree. Should a student undertake an honours year, a further $20,000 will be offered on the undergraduate scholarship.


The Archaeology/Heritage Management Scholarship aims to provide an Indigenous student studying Bachelor of Archaeology or a Master of Professional Archaeology with a scholarship to support them for the term of their course. The student is required to study Heritage Management related subjects within their chosen course.

Are you eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be able to provide evidence of Indigenous heritage
  • Be intending to enrol into one of these courses:
  1. Bachelor of Archaeology (major to be determined upon offer, but to focus on Heritage Management)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Aboriginal Studies major)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (History, Heritage and Environment major) to be offered to regional students only
  4. Master of Professional Archaeology (direct entry based on portfolio of industry experience rather than bachelors degree, with a focus on Heritage Management)
  • Be able to provide proof of financial disadvantage. For more information regarding providing proof see here.

Recipients of the scholarship shall be selected by the University based on their:

  • Information provided within the application form, in particular a personal statement (300-500 words) on how the scholarship will impact your life and how you will take the learnings from your course back to community.
Selection will be done via a two-step process. Initial applications will be reviewed by a panel that includes Indigenous staff. Applicants identified as a potential recipient will proceed to an interview.

Recipient obligations

The recipient will need to undertake a milestone report i.e. 200-300 words to update the donor of their involvement within the scholarship, and to highlight what the opportunity has provided them. This will be at the end of each year, with a final report at the end of their course.

The recipient must maintain satisfactory progress or the student risks loses the scholarship, should they go into academic probation.

How to apply

Please complete the online application form.

Who to contact for further information

Scholarships Office,