Dentistry and Oral Health staff

Name Position Telephone Email
George Alexander Year Co-Ordinator Dentistry 03 5444 7791
Dr. Ali Al-Nuaimi Snr Lect, Academic Lead Oral Medicine
Dr. Hanny Calache Professor Dentistry
Dr. Bradley Christian Research Fellow, Dentistry and Oral Heal 03 5444 7417
Wendy Clay Year Coordinator, BA in Oral Health Sci. 03 5444 7814
Dr. Sarah Down Senior Lecturer 03 5444 7479
Alanna Glenn Associate Lecturer 03 5444 7136
Dr. Jacki Goode 4th Year Coordinator in Dentistry 03 5444 7879
Dr. David Goode Year Coordinator Dentistry 03 5444 7536
Dr. Jeremy Graham Year Co-Ordinator 03 5444 7798
Dr. Shane Johnstone Snr Lecturer, Dentistry and Oral Health 03 5444 7159
Ron Knevel Year Co-ordinator Oral Health 03 5444 7543
Dr. Masood Masood HOD, Dentistry and Oral Health 03 5444 7594
Dr. Yaghma Masood Lecturer Dentistry 03 5444 7159
Colleen McCarthy Lecturer 03 5444 7404
Dr. Warren Shnider Academic Lead in Specialist Dentistry
Narelle Tobin Associate Lecturer
Professor Michael Woods Professor, Dentistry and Oral Health
Jade Wright D & OH Clinical Supervisor
Dr. Phillippe Zimet Associate Professor in Endodontics

Honorary and emeritus

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Werner Bischof Adjunct AP
Dr. Amit Chattopadhyay Honorary Visiting Professor
Dr. Martin Hall Adjunct Professor
Dr. Michael Stubbs Adjunct AP
Professor Peter Wilson Adjunct Professor