Our research

At La Trobe Rural Health School our research seeks to:

  • understand the needs and challenges of rural/regional communities
  • impact and improve rural community health and wellbeing
  • transform rural and regional health care

We are always looking for enthusiastic health professionals to join our research team.

Our key research programs include:

Building healthy rural communities

Maximising healthcare outcomes to ensure the delivery of quality rural health care.

Future research students

We offer research Masters and PhD programs across our 11 health disciplines. Whether you are a recent graduate, or have years of industry experience, you could be the perfect fit to join our team.

Holsworth Research Initiative

The Holsworth Research Initiative seeks to translate our research findings to key stakeholders including health and sports communities in rural areas and professional and amateur athletes, and to be strong advocates for the general public on the public health benefits of increasing levels of exercise and physical activity.

Improving clinical care to reduce health outcome inequalities

Investigating the structure and processes of the health care system.

Inclusion of young people with disadvantage and disability

Supporting educational inclusion of young people with disadvantage or disability.

John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research

Making a difference to the wellbeing of older people living in rural communities.

Physiology of exercise, physical activity and rehabilitation

Experts in the measurement and restoration of human movement.

Violet Vines Marshman Centre for Rural Health Research

Our Centre is transforming rural health outcomes through research, collaboration and community engagement.