Research project reporting

Reporting requirements for research projects are outlined in the relevant Funding Agreement/Contract and can include:

  • Progress Reports
  • Final Reports
  • End of Year Reports
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Annual Reports
  • Partner Organisation Agreed Contribution Report.


Subject to the Funding Agreement for specific schemes, the ARC reserves the right to withhold payment of further instalments of any funded project until the appropriate reports have been received and assessed as satisfactory.

For details and forms for submitting reports refer to the ARC website.


Regular scientific and financial reports are required by the NHMRC for all funded research projects in line with the Conditions of Award.

Reporting requirements for the different funding schemes are outlined on the NHMRC website.

Other funding bodies

Reporting requirements will be set out in the schedule or contract specific to your research project.

Further information

Contact the Research Grants Team at .