Grant funding agreements

Managing Grant Funding  Agreements

Step 1 - Preparing the Agreement

When researchers are notified that their application has been successful they should submit a RAS and contact the Grants team at

Step 2 - Negotiating the Agreement

The Grants team will liaise with the University's Legal Services office who will review the agreement and ensure that all contractual requirements are met. The Grants team will negotiate directly with the sponsor on the researchers behalf.

Step 3 - Establishing the project

Once the agreement has been negotiated the Grants team will arrange for an authorised University representative to sign the agreement and forward the agreement to the sponsor for execution.  The Grants team will arrange for a SAP Work Breakdown Structure  (WBS) to be created and the Researcher will be provided with their relevant fund details. A copy of the agreement will be provided to the researcher, legal services and recorded on TRIM.

Step 4 - Managing the project / agreement

Once the contract has been fully executed the Grants team will assist with:

  • Collaboration agreements and multi-institutional agreements
  • Variations/extensions related to the original agreement
  • Novation of agreements - managing staff departures
  • finalising the project and distributing excess funds
  • Progress and /or final reports (Contract milestones)

Further information

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