Record keeping and reporting

Unexpected Adverse Events

Investigators are required by law to 'provide prompt notification of any unexpected adverse incidents' (Clause 2.4.34 of the 8th Edition of the Code). It is a requirement that the Chief Investigator notify the AEC Chair and LARTF Senior Manager immediately [] and submit a completed Unexpected Adverse Event Report as soon as practicable after the event to the AEC (it is acceptable to wait until the post mortem report and/or any pathology test results have been received).

Download the Unexpected Adverse Event Report Form [PDF 1.71MB]

Progress Reports

Chief investigators must complete and submit an annual progress report (covering the period of 1 January to 31 December) for each AEC approved project no later than by 12 February the following calendar year.

Download the Progress Report Form [PDF 1.72MB]

Final Reports

Chief investigators must complete and submit a final report within three (3) months of conclusion of an AEC-approved project.

Download the Final Report Form [PDF 2.14MB]

Animal usage return

In accordance with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, chief investigators must complete an annual usage return each calendar year and forward it to the AEC no later than 12 February the following year. The annual usage return guidelines provide details on how to complete the return.

Non-Compliance with annual reporting requirements

All Chief Investigators with current or recently expired projects approved by the La Trobe University Animal Ethics Committee are required to submit (1) the annual usage return form requested by the designated state Government Department (as applicable) and (2) the annual progress report or final report requested by the La Trobe University Animal Ethics Committee.

Failure to submit the required reports by the date requested can result in the Ethics and Integrity policy for non-compliance being implemented. Actions can result in the suspension of all AEC approved projects for non-compliant Chief Investigators until such time as the outstanding reports have been submitted and reviewed by the Animal Ethics Committee and formal approval has been granted for research to resume.